Jump starting parent/kid connections.

I am currently reading a book by the Heath Brothers called Switch. In this book they talk about helping people with change. Finding the switch in a change situation. One of the things they said that has gotten me thinking in regards to family ministry is something they call shrink the change. The basic idea behind shrink the change is when people are given a headstart they are more likely to finish than if they are forced to start from scratch. The example they give is 100 people are given a stamp book in which you need 8 stamps for a free wash another 100 people are given a stamp book with 10 stamps needed but with 2 stamps already recorded. So both groups needed 8 stamps total. The first group only 16 people completed the 8 stamps and in the second group 36 people completed the stamps and they did so before the first group.

Here is how it translates to kidmin. I have been thinking about what milestones would look like in our church. In my opinion on of the hardest parts for parents is starting something like this from scratch. Most parents don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the volume of information, and if their kids are older they may feel like they missed some major opportunities. Another reason that parents won’t get involved is they feel inadequate.

So here’s my thought about the whole milestone thing. What if we had a milestone or a couple of milestones that were something parents are already doing? So we can celebrate with them and they would think “maybe I am not such a bad parent after all”. Every parent wants to do what’s best for their kids I think they they just need a gentile nudge in the right direction.

So let me ask you, what would you say is something we can use to “prestamp” if you will a parents participation in their child’s spiritual development?