Conferences I’m going to: Austin Illuminate.

I thought I would start talking about some of the conferences I am going to and how they are all so different and why I am excited to be going to each of them.

In a little less than two weeks I will be going to Austin Texas to Illuminate Conference.

Why is it different – It’s the first conference to bring National Known Speakers like Jim Wideman to train and equip volunteers not just Ministry leaders. Everything about this conference is focused on volunteers. It’s on a saturday so volunteers can come. It’s priced in such a way that a church can send their whole team for the price of sending a few leaders to a national conference, all the content will be crafted and delivered with volunteers in mind.

Why I’m excited to be going – It has the feel of a national conference but at the local level. It’s an honor and a privilege to speak to people and pour into the volunteers who are the lifeblood of children’s ministry. I also am excited because all the speakers are involved in a local church to me that’s huge I love the local church and when someone is apart of a local church and not a traveling expert that is always a huge plus for me. I am also excited to meet many of you.

A bit about Kenny the founder – I have known Kenny for years (we met online) he is the real deal. He feels strongly that this is a God idea and I am with him. If the church was and is important to Jesus it should be important to us. Kenny has some sponsors but is funding this thing on his own, that’s the kind of guy Kenny is he puts his money where is mouth is. He loves the church, he loves the next generation. I am proud beyond words to be called his friend. Not many people would step out in faith to equip and train leaders and volunteers to be more effective at reaching the next generation.

If you are within driving distance for the love of all that is holy sign up bring a car load of volunteers create some memories and learn, grow and dream together.


Top ten favorite links I found this year.

A kids pastor I know in Austin Texas is a huge fan of my random crazy links so Corey this post is for you.

Live TV Streaming on the net –

Personal Digital assistant.

Very Cool Djay software for a mac a Kidmin must have.

Turn any picture into a vector image –

Buy vector images for 1$ again just like iStock was before they started accepting body organs –

Kids on the move started their free resource site full of free kidmin goodness –

Write coding scripts using only screen shots –

Great site for great fonts –

Format your large screen tv into a fully functioning browser.

Great free video converter use it often –

Free resources for Designers –

YouTube Friday: Two Conferences One Week.

It’s been a full week. Two conferences in one week.

The first one was Illuminate in Austin Texas. Kenny Conely and his team put together an amazing conference for Volunteers. What an amazing opportunity for people in the Austin area to be able to go to a conference that was not expensive yet they got to hear from Craig Jutila, Michael Chanley, and Jonathan Cliff. Had an amazing time ate lots of southern stuff, my fave had to be Amy’s Icecream that place is un-stinking believable.

I really think Kenny is on to something. I really believe that conferences are going to start to be more regional. I also think that church investing in their volunteers makes way more sense than sending one or two staff to a national conference. I believe conferences like Illuminate have a much more powerful opportunity to shape the culture of your staff and volunteers in your church.

Here is a video of the open of Illuminate.

The next conference is called Generation Conference. I had the honour (for my Aussie friends) of speaking at our churches youth conference. This is my 14th conference I’ve attended and it is such a privilege to be part of a church that values the next generation. Planetshakers came this year and “tore the roof of the place” It was amazing. There is something so amazing about seeing that many young people worshiping with all that they are, even after all these years it never gets old. I love the local church and I love my local church. Someone once said “The Local Church is the Hope of the World” I couldn’t have said it better.

Here is a quick video of the kids singing Hope of all Hearts with Planetshakers.

Illuminate Conference at Gateway Church in Austin Texas.

Hey kidmin peeps if any of you are within driving distance of Austin Texas make sure you take advantage of the regional volunteer equipping conference Kenny and his team at Gateway are putting on.

1. It’s crazy afforadble you will be able to bring your whole team for a fraction of the price of a national conference.

2. Craig Jutila is going to be there.

3. Much of the content in the sessions and breakouts will be geared towards volunteer leaders.

4. Kenny is pretty much the pope children’s ministry (seriously, he is)

5. Learn how to do kid’s ministry in a local church setting from people who struggle with similar things as you week in and week out.

6. I’ll be there and looking for you.

Click here to register.