A Thin Man's Guide to losing Weight: Chapter 4.

Use the stairs.

I just started watching “Biggest Loser” I know I am late to the party. It reminded me I need to get back to my little blog serise called “A Thin Man’s Guide to Losing Weight”.

*caution rant alert* I have this theory in life that people who are trying to lose weight always ask other people who are also overweight advice on how to lose weight. I in all my years have never been asked advice on how to lose weight. I find this odd. I thought one thing I could do is write a little blog based book on how to lose weight or keep unwanted weight off. *rant over*

So chapter 4: Use the stairs.

One of the things I do fairly often is I try to use the stairs rather than take the elevator. This may sound stupid trivial and strange but I think that doing something small like take the stairs helps to reinforce the fact that diet alone can not solve unhealthful. You must change your lifestyle. I say unhealthiness because you can be unhealthy no matter what shape presently are in. When you are in a unhealthy lifestyle you need to take small steps to see big results. For people who work all the time you need to look at your environment and try to build in activity so you can still do what you need to do for work while focusing on making small healthier choices one “literal” step at a time.

If you are ever given two options take the road less traveled. You will thank me later.

So chapter 4 is rather short but if you take the simple action of getting active when people in our country work so hard to creative innovative ways to facilitate inactivity. We are blessed in this country. We have little go carts in our grocery stores so we can ride instead of walk. Why are people thinner in Europe has less ingenuity, smaller portions, and no all you can eat or drink anything. (They do however smoke like it’s their job over there. I guess every Country has it’s vice, ours happens to be food)

So take it from a thin man if you want to lose weight, use the stairs.

I'm not a perfect parent.

I am going to do a few posts this week discussing some of the things I have learned in the past few years as a parent. I do want to start with a disclaimer. I am not a perfect parent. I need to say that out of the gate because I have a long standing policy that I never offer parenting advice unless people directly ask my opinion. I do this for a few reasons
1. I am not a perfect parent, I do not know everything
2. I want friends.
3. People who ask for advice generally want to hear what you have to say so giving them advice will not waste your time or theirs.

I do feel however that blogging parenting principles I have learned is different than offering tips based on behavior I see kids exhibiting in front of me. The tough thing about kids and raising kids is that there are few things in life as intensely personal as how you raise your kids. Any correlation between the stories I share and your kids is coincidental and most likely a case of human nature. I am blogging about these parenting tips I have learned but not mastered as a way remind me of the things I am trying to build into my kids and if you find them helpful that’s great. If you find them less than helpful consider them the rantings of a tired father who loves his kids more than they will ever know.