How to Defend Your Pro-Life Position in 3 Minutes or Less

A few months ago I was in a Chipotle in New York City with my wife. We were doing our best to keep to ourselves and not make eye contact so as to fit in with the natives of New York City. As we were successfully avoiding eye contact there was a group of college students that were sitting next to me they started talking about abortion. What brought me into the conversation something I don’t typically do was the fact two of the three were self-professing Christians the third was Jewish.  They were discussing abortion and if it was ok, one of the Christians said that he could prove that abortion is ok from a biblical perspective.  I could hold back no further I joined the conversation uninvited because I had to speak for those who literally can’t speak for themselves. I found myself unintentionally using my friend Dr. Scott Klusendorf’s SLED defense. It is a powerful defense against those who argue that a baby is not a baby and just a collection of tissue.

Here is Dr. Klusendorf explaining his SLED method in less than three minutes. I beg you to carve a few minutes to inform yourself for the next conversation you may have with those contemplating having an abortion or those advocating that abortion is a viable option.

Today let’s stand with the Evangelical community as they are marching on Washington to pray, and bring awareness to life. It won’t get the coverage that the Pro-Abortion “Woman’s March” got but what matters is that we continue to fight for the life of babies that are taken daily in this country due to the gods of ignorance, convenience, and pleasure.

How do I explain abortion to my kids?


Parable of an Apple

There once was a apple farmer who had two sons, both of which loved to eat apples. They would work all day, and their father would pay them in apples. They would eat their apples and drink tea, they would laugh and joke about the events of the day. This took place day after day as the boys would work in their father’s apple orchard.

One day towards the end of the summer the apple farmer decided to do something for his sons. He offered them a deal. Because he loved his sons very much, he wanted to provide a future for them so he made them this offer. They could either choose to work each day for a basket of apples or they could work for one seed a day. If you chose the basket of apples, you could do what you wished with them. If you chose the seed, you could not have apples, but the farmer would help you plant that seed and teach you how to start your own orchard.

One of the farmer’s sons was wise, the other foolish. The foolish son chose to eat his fill of apples every day. The wise son chose the seed. He planted the seed with his father, the farmer. As they were planting the seed, his father would explain that he had chosen well that there are few things on earth as powerful as a seed. The wise son asked “How can a seed be powerful? It’s small and can be crushed or thrown away or even put it in a compost pile.” The farmer told his son “Son, inside this one simple seed is a whole orchard.” He went on to explain to his son that all he needed was a seed and a little faith and  a little trust. He would need faith to see the tree fully grown and trust that would help him to keep watering the seed even when he could see no progress. The wise son would run out to see if the seed had grown out of the ground. Every day he would leave the site disappointed.

The time at the end of the day had changed because of the choices both sons had made. The wise son spent the time after work caring for his seeds. The foolish son would eat his Apples and make fun of his brother caring for his seeds. This took place month after month, year after year. This was a very, very, very long time to wait so long he had to wait 5 christmases and 5 summers until he ate his first Apple. Even though waiting was very hard, he had something his brother did not have he had his very own orchard.

The wise son succeeded because he had faith to see his orchard before it existed and trust that they would grow in time. All because he saw a simple helpless seed as valuable.

  • Discuss the questions provided in the blue section.
  • Pray this prayer –
    Lord Jesus, help us to trust you in all things. We need your help to see the value of the small and the helpless. Help us to see the value and the potential in every human life. Help us to do all we can through your power to save those who are lost for your glory.  Amen.

How to explain the Parable of a Apple to your kids.

  • What did the wise son do?
  • What did the foolish son do?
  • What did both the wise and the foolish son both love?
  • Why was the apple seed so powerful?
  • Explain to your kids that people that want to do abortions, which is to kill babies before they are born, don’t hate kids. They just don’t understand the power of a seed. They are foolish because they think the things that they have are more valuable than the potential and the promise in each unborn baby.
  • Both the wise and the foolsh son loved apples, but the difference was that the wise son did everything he could to protect the seed because he knew the seed had value before it ever made its first apple.
  • Tell your kids about how before we were born God knew us and planned out our life for us. He sees within each of us potential that we could never realize without his help.
  • Read Psalm 139:13-18 and Jeremiah 1:5-8