Ask Aaron Reynolds a question.

Just wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who attended Pipeline as well as people who regularly read my blog. Aaron Reynolds has graciously offered to answer any question you have for him concerning kids ministry. I appreciate Aaron’s willingness to do this.

If you have a question he will check my blog all week and will answer you questions for you. I encourage you to ask because what you will get is a real life practical answer based on years of experience. Ask away and be prepared for some insightful practical suggestions that will help you grow your leadership.

Thanks again Aaron you are such a blessing.

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Pipeline wrap up.

Wow what a weekend. Talk about life transforming. I was challenged in so many ways and I know that our kids and youth ministries here at Mt. Zion where impacted in a profound way.

Pastor Jude – Was so impacted by his experience and his passion for the Pipeline principle. I felt that Friday night he nailed in simple, power terms the case for creating a pipeline in your church. That children’s ministries and youth ministries are inseparable.

Aaron Reynolds – It was so great to hear his sessions but was even greater to talk to him in person. He is so powerful when it comes to the practical steps to creating life-transforming ministry to kids. I have TONS to think about from our conversations. I loved his down to earth realness. I have an amazing ability to tell when someone is full of themselves. Aaron couldn’t have been more humble and more helpful from start to finish.

Bill Wilson – I unfortunately missed most of his session, but from what I heard the only word that comes to mind is passion. I pray I am as passionate about kids as he is after 28 years of ministry.

I will be blogging this week about the things that really challenged me this week. The things that I am still thinking about, starting with my post tomorrow about why most children’s pastors lead apologetically.

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Communication 102

When working with children and families one thing that is always a challenge is communication. There are many different ways to communicate especially in this digital age. Some are more effective than others to be effective you have to ask yourself some important questions

Who are you talking to?
What are you trying to say?

I know how easy it is to confuse the purpose of our communication. Are we just trying to get information out there or are we trying to convey something more important than just information.

Who are you talking to? Different tools for different folks.
Text messaging
works great with collage and high school volunteers. Not so good with the older set.

Email works good across the board but can be shallow and can leave room for personal interpretation by the reader.

Facebook – Haven’t really figured out a way to use it as a powerful communication tool.

Blog – Works great to fill in the communication gaps the only problem is that blogs are still not widely read by people outside of blogosphere.

Webstie – Great tool for static information a pain to constantly add content to.

Handouts – Upside is that you know each parent is getting one. Downside is that they spend more time on the floorboard of the car than in the hands and minds of parents.

What are you trying to say?
I think this question is key because what you are trying to say will more than likely determine the vehicle you use to communicate the information you are trying to get across.

Make sure that you never send an email when a phone conversation is necessary. Text by all means but don’t say anything meaningful via text. Comment on facebook but don’t forget to meet face to face. Don’t substitute Web presence for God’s presence.

Bottom line use everything at your disposal to communicate the Values and Vision God has given you just don’t neglect the basics of communication.

Pipeline Conference this week.

Picture 2

Just wanted to post a reminder to everyone that the pipeline conference is this weekend. I am getting very excited. I is always fun to see old friend and meet new ones. I am really excited for our volunteers to really receive from Aaron Reynolds and Pastor Jude. If you haven’t registered yet make sure you do.

Pipeline Conference

If you attend Mt. Zion or Cornerstone

Register here.

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Communication 101

Lesson 1: Listen


This week I would like to hear suggestions from you. I want to discuss different ways to communicate with parents, volunteer, first time guests and kids. I would love to hear back from you what do you do in these areas. As a Ministry leader what have you found to work for your ministry. As a volunteer what form of communication do find to work best for you?

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