Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-24

  • Let's go Yankees! #
  • Hoping @Jonathancliff is watching the former ranger Arod tie the game with a longball! #fb #
  • Need to sleep but having a hard time doing so. Thinking about my yankees. #
  • Somewhere in the plains of West Texas is an skinny, angry, texan and I love it. You gotta believe. @jonathancliff #
  • RT @chicowoo: @sushilicious dude u lost all NY cred when u can't make up your mind between angels and #Yankees/// Word. #
  • Are you called? Kids pastoring 101 #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • Anyone know how to use a scanner for Fellowshipone contibutions on a mac? Using parralells & it's not working well. Any other work arounds? #
  • Raking leaves listening to coldplay on a warm upstate NY day. Gotta love it! #fb #
  • I think tweetie 2.0 has changed my iPhone habits forever. I now find myself pulling down on the screen to refresh any app I am using. #
  • Jeter has to be one of the best to ever play in the postseason! #Yankees #
  • RT @mattmckee: RT @prblog: A flow chart to help you decide when to use the Comic Sans font: //great chart for all #kidmin #
  • Any #kidmin people on google wave yet? #
  • The winner of the VBS curriculum is….. #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • Extra innings, again. Very glad it's 7:45 and not 11:00pm. Let's go Yankees! #yankees #
  • RT @icerocket: wow!! Mo Rivera is money!!!!! go Yanks!!!!!! #
  • HA! For the 2nd time the Rangers Baseball twitter feed has RT a sarcastic remark I made to my Tx Ranger fan friend. LOL i'll keep em coming. #
  • It is the interest of tyrants 2 reduce the people 2 ignorance and vice 4 they cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail. #
  • Do you have vision? Kids Ministry 101 #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • Mockery is the mother of creativity. #fb #
  • On a phone with @jimwideman and a bunch of other #kidmin leaders. Appreciate Jim's wisdom and leadership. #
  • Great 2hr phone call with #kidmin peeps. Now time with my wife and the #yankees. Wooot! Let's go Yankees! #fb #
  • Going to bed. Up at 5am tomorrow to attend an #orangetour event in Buffalo with @hayesandrew Can't wait to hear @reggiejoiner #kidmin #fb #
  • At the #orangeleaders fourm in Buffalo with @hayesandrew looking for some #kidmin Twitter folks. Waiting for the doors to open. #
  • Waiting for @reggiejoiner to take the stage and get this #orangeleaders party started #
  • People change When the pain associated w/ the status quo becomes greater than the pain associated with change @reggiejoiner #kidmin #fb #
  • Every change gives you an opportunity to distinguish what is culture and what is core. @reggiejoiner #kidmin #fb #
  • What is it about about our church that if it became true of us would make us want to stop attending? @andystanley #orangetour #kidmin #
  • The best thing we can do for students is not have a class for them on sunday morning but to plug them into serving. #orangetour AMEN #kidmin #
  • Woooot! Just won a free pass to #orange10 at the #orangetour. See you in Atlanta! #
  • What resources should I use? Kids Ministry 101 #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • 4-4 Baby! Let's go Yankees! #fb #
  • 6-4 Yankees! @Jonathancliff is lov'n it right now. #fb #
  • Am I the only one that finds crumping to the Beetles a bit weird. #fb #
  • What Resources do I use? Kids Ministry 101 #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • YouTube Friday: Andy Stanley Dancing. #kidmin #cmconnect #church #catalyst #fb #
  • Fellowship Technologies – F1Touch – #iTunes #
  • Testing out the new fellowshipone iPhone app. I like it so far. Very simple way to access our church database on the go. #
  • Going to bed thinking how funny facebook users are and how they don't like change. #fb #

YouTube Friday: Andy Stanley dancing

My mancrush on Andy Stanley is well documented on twitter and my blog. I love his leadership insight every staff member of his I have met I have left the conversation amazed at their leadership ability and could see and hear the influance of Andy in every answer they gave. What I didn’t know until now is that Andy Stanley can dance.

Thanks to Peter Ammerman and Gareth Gilpin for the heads up on this one.


What Resources do I use? Kids Ministry 101

I think after vision and calling the next thing that is important is the resources you choose to use.

I am a huge believer in reading and networking because you become like those you choose to listen to. I know that my philosophy was largely shaped by my time alone with God and the ministries/resources that I allowed to shape my thought process.

I believe it’s Ed Young who says this “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. So with limits on time and budget the resources you pick matter.

(Disclaimer this by no means is a comprehensive list, but is meant to be a starter list to get ya going.)


252Basics & MyFirstLook– We have used this curriculum for 5 years. I love it is the most flexible curriculum out there main reason Word Documents and PDF’s – Also church plants can get 252Basics free for the first year.
Elevate & Elevate Jr. – We have used this curriculum – Love what they do as far as training small group leaders by video every curriculum should do this.
Big (from Hillsong) – Loved the simplicity and effectiveness of their small group stuff and as you would expect the production quality of the videos stuff they produce can not be touched by anyone out there.
Kidmo & Little K – This is the only one out there that I have not used. But if my good friend Gina McClain likes it that’s good enough for me. – FREE! Need I say more? I am so impressed by Lifechurche’s desire to serve other churches with the resources they have. I really like this curriculum. We use it in one of our campuses. (Important note the regular series stuff they do is seeker driven Konnects is their deeper discipleship stuff.) It is worth a look see.


Children’s Ministry Leadership Guide
Transforming Your kids into spiritual champions
The Effective Executive
Raising Great Kids
Think Orange
Volunteers That Stick
The Tipping Point
The Purple Cow
Inside the Magic kingdom
The Starbucks Experience
My First 90 Days in Ministry


Napkin – A new conference with lots of great speakers and different format all based around the idea of leveraging ideas to see change.
Orange – A conference for Youth, Children, and Senior pastors centered around the idea of leveraging the combined power of church and family.
CPC – The original Children’s Pastor’s conference.
C3 – Went to this conference a few years ago the Mike Johnson and his team at fellowship church do an amazing job. If you use elevate curriculum this conference is a must.
Conspire – I also went to this conference when it was the promiseland conference. Love willows passion and innovation.

Twitter Peeps


Blogs – Tons of articles, ideas, and links – A collection of a ton of kids blogs and twitter updates
Inside Northpoint kids Kendra and her team rock my face off with every post.

Ministry Networks

Kidology – Resources, ideas and connections with other Children’s Pastors
CMConnect – Facebook for Kids Pastors

Do you have vision? Kids Ministry 101

The first thing you need starting off in kids ministry is calling. The next thing which is just as important is Vision. You can’t lead without it because no one will follow.

One of my college professors used to say that if you are leading and no one is following you are just going for a walk.

You need personal vision to help you know that you are doing what God has called you to do. When I started I had no idea what I was doing. I asked God to give me a vision for what he wanted me to do. He spoke some very specific things. Once I had accomplished those things I used that as a vision check. I wanted to know if God was calling me out of kids ministry of deeper into it. I believe that he was calling me to do more in the area of Children’s Ministry. To last in kids ministry you need to lead with clear goals and a compelling picture of what the future looks like. You need to give people a good reason to invest their precious time and partner with you to see God do amazing things.

Things I have learned and am still trying to master when it comes to vision:
1. Your vision needs to be headed in the same direction as your senior pastor – If not large problems loom.
2. Your vision needs to be about building the local church and not YOU.
3. Your vision needs to be clear and compelling – Where vision is unclear you will lack volunteers. In kids ministry we need so many volunteers to do what we do volunteer recruitment is such a hot button issue yet we so often treat the symptom without dealing with the root. Right now I am lacking pre-school help I start thinking of how to build the vision of reaching kids. Clear compelling vision combined with a personal ask will 90% of the time take care of your volunteer needs.

Get out there find out the vision God has called you to and fight for it, make it clear and give God and your team the credit.