Are you called? Kids Ministry 101

I had a great conversation the other day with a kids pastor who was just starting out. She asked me what do I need to know? I want to spend the next couple of blog posts unpacking that question a bit.

The first thing I think you need to be successful in kids ministry, actually to be successful in life I believe you need to have as strong sense of calling. Being in full time ministry is not all chocolates and roses and especially in kids ministry because kids ministry can be so lonely and isolating just do to the logistics and type of work we do. I have seen many people over the past few years start strong and then fizzle. I have seen many people go from place to place disillusioned with what they thought ministry would be.

There have been many times that I felt like packing it in, give up and moving on. The one thing that has kept me till now and I believe will continue to anchor me is a strong sense of the call to ministry. I remember when God called me into the ministry when I was 13 years old. When things get rough when things do turn out how I think they should when I feel all alone in the world and feel like quitting with all that is in me. I remember that I did not choose to be a kids pastor I was called.

It is that calling that keeps me focused, humble and submitted. I know it isn’t about me it’s about Him and me fulfilling the assignment that he has for me.

So if you are starting out in kids ministry let me give you this simple advice. “Be sure of your calling because it will be your lifeline, your rock and your beacon in times of trouble. It will be the thing that will keep you grounded and humble when things are going great.

I do this because when I was 13 years old God spoke and I responded, and no one can take that from me.

Never forget the call!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-17

  • That guy who plays Obama on SNL is horrible. He sounds and looks nothing like him. #
  • Angels go up on the sinking red sox! Woot! #
  • The red sox getting swept and the Yanks sweeping the twins = Christmas come early #fb #
  • SWEEP!!!!!! Hate the sox! SWEEP!!!!! #fb #
  • RT @TheBombers: Yanks will face healthy Pavano #yankees://// waiting for the punchline. #
  • Watching the #Yankees waiting for Pavono to pull, pinch or break something #fb #
  • Why is A-rod so clutch all of a sudden?#Yankees #
  • Jeter proving that being the captain is more than a "C" sewn on your uniform. Great play Jeter! #Yankees #
  • The Yankees win!!!!! I tweet this because I love the Yanks and because it will make @Jonathancliff cringe! #Yankees #
  • Happy Thanksgiving! #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Yesterday the Red Sox got swept, the #Yankees swept the Twins & I beat @Daughtry in fantasy football. Has 2 B one of the best days ever! #fb #
  • Trying to use facebook to communicate with my #kidmin leaders more. Have I mentioned I hate facebook. #
  • GiveAway Tuesday: Free VBS stuff #cmconnect #fb #
  • Crazy headache right now. Can you get one from to much sleep? My body isn't used to more than 5 hrs. a night. #fb #
  • Watching the "shark tank" great show. #
  • Look to draft a letter to parents with some H1N1 guidelines. Anyone done this already? #kidmin #
  • wrkn on updating well child policies 2 prevent H1N1. No cases yet. Hope it stays that way. thx @jonathan & @ToniQuinton 4 yr help #kidmin #
  • I just got a google wave invite thx 2 @jonathancliff If I was having more children my nxt child wld B named either jonathan or cliff. #
  • Luke 15 and Disposable Everything #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Hey #kidmin peeps looking for an amazing resource to give your families for free this Christmas check out #
  • Kids will get their 1st impression of God from preschool vols – RJ / #kidmin leaders, they are THAT important! (via @OrangeThinkers) #
  • R's is a very menacing letter. That's why we call it Murder not Muckduck @Rainwilson #
  • RT @anthony_prince: are you asking the right questions? when was the last time you tried something new? #kidmin #
  • Any #kidmin people going to orange leaders forum in Buffalo next week? #fammin #
  • RT @ROBLOVE146: Help Love146 win $50,000 organization w/most unique new donors (even in small amounts) wins! #
  • YouTube Friday: The power of fun! #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Working on creating a process for ongoing evaluation for our #kidmin What do you guys use? #

YouTube Friday: The Power of Fun

I saw this video on Kem Meyers Blog and at the same time was reading Jim Wideman’s book Volunteer’s that stick. All at the same time thinking this thought when it comes to volunteers. Change is tough, make it fun.  We need to create a fun environment where change and growth can take place in our volunteers. When we ask people to move from one set of behaviors to another make it fun, easy and worthwhile. As a leader to make change fun, easy and worthwhile will not be fun or easy but it will definitely be worthwhile..

So go make change fun!


Luke 15 and Disposable Everything

We live in a disposable culture and because of that fact I think we have lost something. Our dishwasher isn’t working right my wife called the repair guy and you know what he said “It would cost as much to fix it as it would to buy a new one you should just buy a new one.” Are you kidding me an appliance repair guy telling me to buy new?

I heard my son say the other day when he lost something. “It’s ok dad we can get a new one.” Really, it’s ok? Worse yet I have caught myself telling one of my boys when they were upset don’t worry we’ll get you another one. What is our problem?

We live in a culture where everything is replaceable and I believe it is killing us. To live a life that reflects our saviour in our homes and in our faith communities we need remember what has value, what is eternal and what “lost” really means. I have been reading Luke 15 a lot lately and what I have been impacted by is how loosely I treat lost things. How I don’t value them. We live such blessed lives we can replace the things we lose.

As a pastor I have lots of sheep that come to our church on Sunday’s I don’t want to lose one. As a parent I have 3 little “coins” (drawing a parallel to Luke 15 and my own kids) I don’t want to lose one. We need to find out again what it is like to repair broken lives.

What in your life has value? What does lost mean to you?

(I had been thinking about this often lately and one of our great Preschool teachers in our 3rd Street room told me about her blog and here post about their quest for a “new” TV help give my thoughts handles. Diane is a great lady who is passionate about kids give her blog a little look see. )

GiveAway Tuesday: Free VBS curriculum

Well Fall is  here and summer is right around the corner so I thought I would do a VBS giveaway. I have a copy of The Go Fish Guys VBS curriculum that need a good home. We don’t do traditional VBS so I can’t use it. I looked it over and they have alot of good stuff in this VBS resource pack. I really love their desire to get kids in the bible. Their tag line for this curriculum is putting the “Bible back in  Vacation Bible School” A little controversial but I like it.

So it’s up for grabs. Just leave your name, your church name and the address you want it shipped to and I’ll pick a winner 5pm EST Friday.