And the Google Wave winners are……

Thanks so much to all of you who read my blog I appreciate your insight and comments.

The winners of the Google Wave nominations are

Eric Griffin – Eric winning is an obvious testament to my impartiality. During the World Series giving a Google wave nomination to a Phillies Fan, unheard of. As a Die-hard Yankee fan I actually felt pain sending a nomination to Eric. Ha!

Div – Div is a first time commenter so glad someone who jumped in and made a comment for the first time won.

I nominated both of you it doesn’t come from Google right away usually takes a week or so. Enjoy. Thanks again to everyone who left a comment.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-31

  • Not going to tweet about a certain sports team don't want to jinx them. I did pray for them with my son at bedtime. #
  • Start spreading the news! #Yankees #
  • YANKEES!!!!!!!!! #fb #
  • RT @genconference: Week 1 is sold out still some spots in week two but you better hurry. #gencon09 ///should be a blast #
  • Just got off the phone with @jonathancliff Great guy. Out of the 5 Texas Ranger fans there are in the world. He's my favorite. #
  • At the movies with my boys. I am a smuggler not a concession food buyer. What about you? #kidmin #
  • Give away Tuesday: Free Google Wave Invites #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • RT @MichaelHyatt: I’m trying to decide whether to finish a blog post or get up early and do it. I think sleep beckons.// Ditto #
  • A free tool for parents and kids pastors. #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Never seen Cliff Lee pitch before he's pretty good. But Jeter's better. Let's go #Yankees #
  • Went to my "local" (1hr away) mac store the local genious was explaining to a newbie that Apple is a family. Values and Vision! Love it! #
  • Going to the Apple store always makes me happy! #
  • Crap. It's over. Cliff Lee is a beast tonight. @phillHughes is an idiot. #
  • Just finished installing snow Leopard regained 10gigs crazy. My machine seems to run much faster. #apple #
  • Tonight sleep. Tomorrow make a vodo doll of Cliff Lee. #yankees #
  • Got some free stuff from Kidmo. Thanks Guys! Started to look at some of it. You guys do a great job. #kidmin #
  • Thinking about using KidLead in the future. Anybody use this yet? What did you like/dislike? #kidmin #
  • Just talked to @funnymandan what a great guy and amazing #kidmin leader. My son thinks he is funnier than me and I think he is right. #
  • Please God, Please let them send Pedro back out there. #Yankees #
  • Ha! Whose your daddy Pedro – Manuel must have never seen a redsox game ever. Pedro implodes in NY after 100 pitches every time. #yankees #
  • Pedro needs to stop pitching and go into sales – he can convince any manager to keep him in the game. Love it. #yankees #
  • NO GOOD – Yanks on the short end of a short hop! #Yankees #
  • YouTube Friday: Napkin Conference #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #

YouTube Friday: Napkin Conference

An International Children’s Conference in Sin City?–You bet!

Something I am very excited this winter is a brand new international Children’s Conference. It is located in Las Vegas NV. I am excited because I believe this conference is going to be different from your average conference out there. What I am most excited about is not only hearing some of the best kids pastors in the country but having some time to collaborate, take and idea and unpack it with them.

Should be an incredible time of connecting with God and others. Can’t Wait!

Here is what Justyn Smith the conference host has to say about it.

“I’m extremely excited to announce the creation of a national children’s pastors and leaders conference called ‘Napkin Conference’. Everybody doodles and writes their ideas on napkins. Napkins are a dreamers best friend. What’s going to set this conference apart from every other conference you ask? Napkin Conference is not just a conference–it’s a giant brainstorming session with some of the world’s greatest children’s pastors and leaders. Not only is there going to be leadership principles, but there is going to be idea sessions with practical application from real children’s pastors in the trenches–just like you. Oh, since we’re in Las Vegas–the entertainment capitol of the world–your registration gets you a free Las Vegas show on the famous Las Vegas Strip! Join incredible children’s leaders like Jim Wideman, Justyn Smith, Hillsong’s David Wakerley, Byron Ragains,’s Allyson Evans and more! For more information visit Can’t wait to see you Vegas!”

A Free tool for Parents and Kids Pastors.

Something I am really excited that our church is doing this Christmas is taking part in something called the Happy Birthday Jesus Project. I am very excited to have a world class tool available to my family as well as the kids in our kids church the best part  is it is totally free.

As a kids pastor I find this tool extremely helpful. If you have been a kids pastor or parent for any length of time you share my frustration with two things.

  • Take home papers, rarely are take and if  they are taken they don’t make it home
  • Coming up with ways to engage parents in the process and become true partners in ministry together.

A good friend of mine told me about Ranjy and the work he was doing at flying Rhino and I was intrigued. I check out his website with my kids and they LOVED it. I had never seen anything like it. I could totally see how this could be used in the local church context to hammer home the truth of God’s word in tiny hearts and minds as well as a discipleship tool that helps the parents learn something as well in a non-threatening fun environment.  I think it has unlimited potential for me as a Pastor and a parent.

What Ranjy and his team are doing with the happy birthday Jesus project is only the beginning. I have had many conversations with Ranjy and always leave the conversation impressed by his creativity, innovation, humility and passion for family ministry and the local church. Make sure you check out what he is doing

Here is a little of what Ranjy has to say about The Happy Birthday Jesus Project.

We can put a man on the moon, a computer on every desk, even a Snuggie for every couch but with all the advances in Internet technology we still haven’t found a demonstrable way to advance the cause of Christ in children’s ministry.

To accomplish this, we partnered with the people of DaySpring. We were already producing Really Woolly Kids together an awesome new kid’s property. We assembled a world class team of children’s pastors, animators, illustrators, music composers, interactive game developers and curriculum writers and put them in a room with engaging teachers. We asked them to develop a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus by creating an innovative experience that would help kids get excited about the “why” behind Christmas.

Well, what I thought would be a very expensive process that would take months and thousands of dollars to accomplish, of course,  turned into years and millions of dollars. The goal was to create a tool that could help the local church to live out its mission of lifting up Jesus as the hope of the world by saying Happy Birthday, Jesus!

The will explain how churches are using this amazing FREE interactive experience that allows families to interact with a LIVE children’s ministry teacher, animated characters, fun games and activities and so much more—all from home, all while having kids at the center of the adventure. It’s the biggest birthday party in the world!

I know it sounds unbelievable but we really do have trained ministry leaders standing by live, to connect with families on their schedule right from their home computer. You must see this to believe it!  You will be greeted by name by a live Christian education teacher that will take your family on an animated, interactive adventure

Ranjy Thomas is the President of Flying Rhinoceros the producers of:

  • Gigi, God’s Little Princess with Sheila Walsh
  • On The Farm with Farmer Bob staring Amy Grant, Vince Gill and Randy Travis
  • Precious Girls Club with Precious Moments
  • Really Woolly with DaySpring.

Flying Rhinoceros has developed kids’ content that is experienced by millions of people for some of the largest ministries and Christian organizations in the United States.

GiveAway Tuesday: Free Wave Invite

I have been on google wave for a couple of weeks now thanks to my very good friend Jonathan Cliff who happens to have a fantastic blog full of practical kids ministry goodness.

So far despite it being a bit buggy here and there (totally expected because it so new) I think the possibilities are endless. I really see the bulk of the usefulness being team collaboration. I think there is tons of value there and can envision loads of ways google will no-doubt make it better by the time they make it more main stream. I was going to say take it out of beta but I think gmail is still in beta like 7 years later.

In summery I truly believe that Google wave will be an essential tool to kids ministry and anyone who works in a collaborative way with a team.

So back to the invite. If you want a free invite leave a comment and I will randomly select 2 people to receive one.