GiveAway Tuesday: Free Wave Invite

I have been on google wave for a couple of weeks now thanks to my very good friend Jonathan Cliff who happens to have a fantastic blog full of practical kids ministry goodness.

So far despite it being a bit buggy here and there (totally expected because it so new) I think the possibilities are endless. I really see the bulk of the usefulness being team collaboration. I think there is tons of value there and can envision loads of ways google will no-doubt make it better by the time they make it more main stream. I was going to say take it out of beta but I think gmail is still in beta like 7 years later.

In summery I truly believe that Google wave will be an essential tool to kids ministry and anyone who works in a collaborative way with a team.

So back to the invite. If you want a free invite leave a comment and I will randomly select 2 people to receive one.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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15 thoughts on “GiveAway Tuesday: Free Wave Invite

  1. I would enjoy an invitation to google wave, but I would prefer not to have the steel cage death match. I just don’t think I could get the time off with some big events coming up this weekend and next.

  2. Nice giveaway ! I haven’t touch Google wave… I¡ve only watched that loooong introduction video some month ago jejee, so I will be glad to be a lucky man with your invite

    thanks in advance
    adeux from Argentina!

  3. Bring on the steel cage. I just took the ‘what wresler are you’ quiz on FB. I am the greats of all time Hulk Hogan. One question anything goes match, ladders and trash can lids?

  4. I NEED a google wave invite! I’m a kids pastor, have a wonderful team, and want to find all the essential tools for ministry (apparently Google Wave has been added to the list)!

  5. i think whoever you pick has to promise to watch that whole loooong video about wave…unless you pick me, because i won’t watch it, which i guess disqualifies me