Luke 15 and Disposable Everything

We live in a disposable culture and because of that fact I think we have lost something. Our dishwasher isn’t working right my wife called the repair guy and you know what he said “It would cost as much to fix it as it would to buy a new one you should just buy a new one.” Are you kidding me an appliance repair guy telling me to buy new?

I heard my son say the other day when he lost something. “It’s ok dad we can get a new one.” Really, it’s ok? Worse yet I have caught myself telling one of my boys when they were upset don’t worry we’ll get you another one. What is our problem?

We live in a culture where everything is replaceable and I believe it is killing us. To live a life that reflects our saviour in our homes and in our faith communities we need remember what has value, what is eternal and what “lost” really means. I have been reading Luke 15 a lot lately and what I have been impacted by is how loosely I treat lost things. How I don’t value them. We live such blessed lives we can replace the things we lose.

As a pastor I have lots of sheep that come to our church on Sunday’s I don’t want to lose one. As a parent I have 3 little “coins” (drawing a parallel to Luke 15 and my own kids) I don’t want to lose one. We need to find out again what it is like to repair broken lives.

What in your life has value? What does lost mean to you?

(I had been thinking about this often lately and one of our great Preschool teachers in our 3rd Street room told me about her blog and here post about their quest for a “new” TV help give my thoughts handles. Diane is a great lady who is passionate about kids give her blog a little look see. )

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