The Exceptional Presenter

Almost done reading The Exceptional Presenter. Great book full of practical steps to being an exceptional presenter vs. being just a good presenter. I think as a kids pastor one of the best things I can do for my church is coach and train leaders. This book is a fantastic resource to help you practically coach your children’s ministry communicators. It has loads of simple practical advice as well as worksheet for growth and evaluation. This book is a must buy for every person who wants to grow in their ability to communicate in any given situation.

Koegel concludes with these points

1. Do not accept average when you can be exceptional.

2. Every contact counts. Every interview counts. Every presentation counts.

3. Those who practice improve. Those who don’t don’t

Once you achieve exceptional. Those who don’t don’t

What are you building?

I have been thinking about this post for a while. One of the greatest tools I feel at every children’s ministers disposal is social media. I have been on twitter for almost 2 years and have been blogging for almost 3 and have met some amazing people but have also been disturbed by some people I have met.

I have met some people who seem to be more interested in building their own ___________ (insert whatever here). This drives me crazy. I know for me even with my blog I at times find myself thinking how I can write something that will get more hits instead of something that helps.

I NEVER want to be about building the cult of me over building the Kingdom of God. I try to ask myself a few questions ever so often to help me stay focused on the things that won’t one day burn.

1. Am I using social media to grow as a leader to grow my church or am I using it to grow my name?
2. Is what I am blogging, tweeting building up or tearing down?
3. Am I generous with my time? Am I being to others what I wish someone had been to me when I started out in kids ministry?
4. Am I more concerned with building up the next generation or am I using them to prop up my agenda.
5. What do I want to be know for?
6. Who’s opinion do I value most right now?

Psalm 127:1
If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks.
If God doesn’t guard the city,
the night watchman might as well nap. (MSG)

Be a blessing build His Kingdom not yours.

100 Recruiting tips in 100 Characters or less.

A new kidminchallange!

A couple of months ago Funny Man Dan lead team (Rest of the World) I lead team (USA). We did a challange where you take an awkward bible verse and then give it a context where it would be even more awkward. I was loads of fun. It was great to see everyone get involved.

We would like to do another challange. This one will be a bit more useful but still lots of fun. So here goes.

1. We are looking for your best volunteer recruitment tips in 100 characters or less.
2. There will be prizes – Confirmed Prizes –  I will be giving away a Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe edition and @r_frank will be giving away a couple of shout-out DVD’s and Not Confirmed – Perhaps FMD can twist Daves arm and we can get a cd or something from Hillsong.
3. The prizes will be given for the following: A) Most Humorous B) Most Creative C) Most Practical
4. The winners will be picked by FMD, myself and some of the K! Mag editors
5. The contest will last two weeks.
6. Lastly there is a very good chance your submission will end up in the May/June Edition of K! so tweet and FB away.

How to submit your idea via Twitter – send them to @kidminchallenge include the hash tag #kmag and #kidmin “@kidminchallenge: Write personalized thank-you notes. #kmag #kidmin ”

How to submit your idea via FB? – go to this link Kidzmatter Fan Page become a fan an submit your idea on the wall like this “@kidminchallenge: Write personalized thank-you notes.”

Should be fun.