Only 23 Hours Remaining

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ONLY144 has been working on putting together this epic bundle sale for several months partnering with 15 different resource providers.  The stars have literally lined up for this to happen.  I wanted to let you know about it, because it truly is an incredible deal if you’re looking for a boatload of awesome resources and I think this will bless a lot of churches.
There’s only a few hours left.  Once this deal is over, it’s over, so I hope you can take advantage.  With tight budgets, this is a real winner.  It’s an easy way for you to turn $97 into $1,074 worth of Children’s Ministry Resources for your ministry.
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Why you need more change in your life.

The past few weeks our church has been experiencing a good bit of change. It’s a good thing. God is really up to some amazing things. Everyone in our church has been affected one way or another. As I have been processing the change in my life here are some of my thoughts.

1. We all avoid change because it’s painful, status quo is so much easier.
2. We like things the same because the same is safe, the same is controllable.
3. We trust God WAY more when we are doing things we are not comfortable doing.
4. We accept problems as unchangeable because we see them the same way for far to long. Fresh eyes, fresh faith changes things.
5. We pray more about the small things in times of change.
6. We are more aware of our enemy in times of change.
7. We are more willing to give God the credit in times of change.

I am so grateful to be part of a team that is flexible enough to be willing to change what needs to be changed and wise enough to recognize those things which are and should always remain unchangeable.

7 Reasons you need to go to Illuminate – Roll Tide and War Eagle.

If you live anywhere near Birmingham Alabama you need to bring your whole team to Illuminate. Why?

1. You will get a national level conference experience with the content geared toward your volunteers
2. For the price it will cost your church to send 2 people to a national conference you can bring your whole team.
3. Jim Wideman will be there and will be bringing his 30+ years of experience at raising, encouraging and releasing volunteers.
4. You will be able to ask questions and personally connect with kidmin leaders who have a ton of experience
5. You can network with other kidmin leaders in your area.
6. It takes place all day on Saturday August 27th so your volunteers can attend.
7. I want to meet you.

There are a lot of conferences out there but I don’t know of any focused primarily on empowering volunteers. Everything about Illuminate screams the value of team and the local church and I love it. From the affordable pricing to ministry leaders who will be speaking to your volunteers not as “experts” but as in the trenches ministry leaders who are passionate about building the local church.

Roll Tide and War Eagle alike I hope you make the trip to Birmingham. REGISTER NOW>

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