Top 10 posts of August

1. Bible Lesson Page
2. Top ten iPad apps for kids
3. Proverbs “The Book of Wisdom” Lesson
4. Flyte: Preteen Curriculum 
5. How we tweak minute to win it games for kidmin
6. Psalms “The book of Worship” Lesson 
7. Guard your Heart 
8. Leviticus “The book of Holiness” Lesson 
9. Conferences I’ll be attending: Illuminate Birmingham
10. Youth Pastors aren’t the only ones with smoking hot wives. 


Have fun.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
Dale Carnegie

I love my job but sometimes I take it and myself to seriously. I forget that everything doesn’t depend on my. I have to do my part sure but I can’t control outcomes. So often I find myself trying to do God’s job because I love my church and I love the families that form it. Then things happen that remind me that He is God and I am not. It comes down to a constant battle of trust who and what do I trust. I am sorry to say that despite the fact I know that I can trust God no matter what I so often do not.

Psalm 3:5-6
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

I started Physical Therapy today for a bad back that has kept me up at night and bothering me all day. The cause of this bad back? Stress. It’s me trying to do what God does best and not being who and what he has called me to be. I need to work hard and have fun. I’m good with the work but need to work on the fun. The Dr. asked me what I do to relax, I had no answer. I said “Work”. She smiled and said “You can’t draw water out of empty wells.” (I thought she was going to tell me to “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”  but she didn’t) We as pastors, leaders, volunteers need to work hard because what we do matters more than anything else. But we need to enjoy the process, enjoy our teams, enjoy our families. We need to trust more and just have fun!


Free Bible Lesson Song of Solomon: The Book of God’s Love


Here’s what you have all been waiting for how to teach kid out the book of Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon – Book of God’s Love

Key Point – God loves you very much!

Memory Verse – Romans 5:8 “…God showed how much he loved us by having Jesus die for us, even when we were sinful.”

Skit – I am going to make God love me – A group of kids come out and explain that they learned in church that Jesus loves them all, but they begin talking about things that they do to make Jesus love them more one kid get upset starts crying. Because he has never done any of those things, and feels that God doesn’t love him as much as the other kids. His father comes over and listens to his son explain he then explains that there is nothing we can do to make Jesus love us more. Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us when were still sinners. The boy looks exited and says really. The father says yes really. God loves you very much! Just the way you are.

Skit – Kids make fun of a boy and explain that no one can love you because you are different why do you look they way you look? The boy starts to cry after his friends leave  – His mother comes out and asks the boy what is wrong and the boy says how the other kids were making fun of him because he is different from the rest of the kids. The kid says I think they are right how could anyone love someone like me? The mother gives her son  a hung an tells her son that she loves his son no matter what. That there is nothing that can make him stop loving him. No matter how much he loves his son God loves him even more.

Object Lesson – You can’t measure God’s love for us. – Picture of sky, ocean, etc…. How many of you have ever gone to the beach? How many have stood on the beach and looked out as far as you eye could see and saw an end to the large ocean. No one can the ocean is so large you can look and look and never see the end. Much like God’s love for us we see his love shown to us when he came to earth and died for our sins.

Object Lesson – Dipstick from a car –– How many of you kids know what this is in my hand? (hold up the dipstick wait for a response) It is a dipstick it is used to measure how much oil you have in your car. It is that oil that keeps the car running just like God’s love keeps us running. The difference is that God’s love is so great so vast and unending that you can not measure it even with the worlds largest dipstick. God loves you very much.

Puppet – A boy puppet learns that Jesus loves us with his whole heart – we need to love him with our whole heart not just part of it but all of it. (use heart puppet). It says in the Bible that we love Him because he first loved us. Sometimes we give part of our heart to things that do not matter when we should be giving it all to God.

Bible Story

God showed us how much he loves us by sending us his son Jesus. Who came to earth as a baby, grew as a sinless man, died on the cross for your sins and mine, and rose again to give us hope and a future.

That is how much Jesus loves us He rescued us.

I want to start off with a question: What have we learned about God this year?

Take several answers from the kids.

Yeah, that’s right! We’ve learned that God is the creator of the world. We’ve learned that we can trust Him no matter what. We’ve learned that he’s our loving Father. We’ve also learned that He loves to come to the rescue.

Think back to Adam and Eve… they messed up big time when they rejected God’s perfect plan for their lives. They forgot how much God loved them. They both ate that fruit and everything changed. God could have forgotten all about them, but he didn’t. He came to them and made a way for them to be OK. He’s the great rescuer.

Or how about Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. God didn’t leave them in slavery. He made a plan to get them out of Egypt and into the promised land! He’s the great rescuer.

Even when David was running away from King Saul. God didn’t leave David alone to fend for himself, He loved him him with an unbreakable love. He came to the rescue and made a way for David to become King of Israel. He’s the great rescuer.

It doesn’t stop there you know. God still comes to the rescue today. If you remember back to that Adam and Eve story, when they messed up they REALLY messed up. Because of the choice they made, we’re lost. We can’t be with God. In order to be with God, we need something—no, Someone—to rescue us.

Way back during the Old Testament times, God sent a messenger to his people. The messengers’ name was Isaiah. He told them some GREAT news:

Read this from Isaiah: 9:2,6-7

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned… For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. Ad he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Who do you think Isaiah was talking about? That’s right, Jesus! Without God we are lost in darkness. We can’t see where we’re going.

Walking around in the dark is scary. You can’t see where you’re going, You don’t know if you’ll bump into anything, stub your toe, or bonk your head. You never know if someone is waiting around a corner to jump towards you and freak. You. Out!

Living without God is sort of same thing. It’s scary and rather dangerous. We need Jesus to shine his light and find us. That’s what he did He shined his light on all of us because of his great love for us.

God did all of this because he loves you very much. That’s our bottom line for today: God loves you very much!


Activity – 

Because God first loved us we can love others. Draw a picture of the person you love and explain why?

Questions –

  1. Does Jesus Love people?
  2. Do you know that God loves you?
  3. What did Jesus do to show His love for us?
  4. Who do you Love?
  5. Have you ever felt someone love you?
  6. How do you know that they love you?
  7. How do you let someone know that you love them?
  8. What does the Bible say about loving others?
  9. When you know someone loves you how does that make you feel?

How to Communicate to kids – Illuminate Birmingham.


I just got back from Illuminate – Birmingham. What a great conference there is something so cool about being part of a conference that ministers primarily to volunteers. 2/3 of all the attendees were volunteers. I believe that Illuminate is going to grow into a movement that will transform how and what we think when it comes to conferences. I am so grateful my friend Kenny Conley heard from God stepped out in faith to create something that the Kidmin community needed. If you didn’t go this make sure you go next year. If you live with in 6 hours of Austin Texas load up the church van with as many people as the state of Texas allows and get down to illuminate Austin. You and your team will be better for it.

Huge thanks to everyone who came to my breakouts at Illuminate I had a blast and I hope you did as well. Here are my Outline for my talk on “How to communicate to kids.”

How to Communicate to kids. 

Communicating to to anyone especially kids is more of an art than a science. –

To communicate to kids you need the following

  1. A love for God’s word

Psalm 119:89-93

89 Your word, LORD, is eternal;

it stands firm in the heavens.

90 Your faithfulness continues through all generations;

you established the earth, and it endures.

91 Your laws endure to this day,

for all things serve you.

92 If your law had not been my delight,

I would have perished in my affliction.

93 I will never forget your precepts,

for by them you have preserved my life


  1. A love for Jesus – When kids understand the gospel it changes them. – When they see what Jesus Did they worship him. – perspective same church 14 years.


Romans 1:16-17
16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes, first for the Jew, then for the Gentile

For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”

Communicating to kids in large group setting. 

  1. Always maintain eye contact
  2. Don’t stay in the Safety Zone
  3. Don’t just give kids facts
  4. Talk to kids like people not babies –
  5. Use massive amounts of energy. – (VIDEO)
  6. Help kids focus – Use lights, segments and music
  7. Be relevant
  8. Use your Bible -.
  9. Distill truth don’t simplify it.
  10. Always elevate Christ


Communicating to kids in a small group 

  1. Listen – Kids want to talk listen to them.
  2. Know you lesson, know you lesson –
  3. Take every question seriously.
  4. Be there for the families of you small group kids.

Communicating to kids one-on-one

  1. Get down to their eye level
  2. Make sure you always great the kids before the parents. 
  3. Give kids your full attention when they are talking.
  4. Respond to kids how they respond to you


  1. The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School – Aaron Reynolds
  2. Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe edition – Sally Lloyd-Jones
  3. An Hour on Sunday – Nancy Beach
  4. Creating ever cool – Gene Del Vecchio 

Conferences I'll be attending: Illuminate Birmingham

I thought I would start talking about some of the conferences I am going to and how they are all so different and why I am excited to be going to each of them.

In a little less than two weeks I will be going to Birmingham Alabama to Illuminate Conference.

Why is it different – It’s the first conference to bring National Known Speakers like Jim Wideman to train and equip volunteers not just Ministry leaders. Everything about this conference is focused on volunteers. It’s on a saturday so volunteers can come. It’s priced in such a way that a church can send their whole team for the price of sending a few leaders to a national conference, all the content will be crafted and delivered with volunteers in mind.

Why I’m excited to be going – It has the feel of a national conference but at the local level. It’s an honor and a privilege to speak to people and pour into the volunteers who are the lifeblood of children’s ministry. I also am excited because all the speakers are involved in a local church to me that’s huge I love the local church and when someone is apart of a local church rather than a traveling expert that is always a huge plus for me. I am also excited to meet many of you.

A little bit about Kenny the founder – I have known Kenny for years (we met online) he is the real deal. He feels strongly that this is a God idea and I am with him. If the church was and is important to Jesus it should be important to us. Kenny has some sponsors but is funding this thing on his own, that’s the kind of guy Kenny is he puts his money where is mouth is. He loves the church, he loves the next generation. I am proud beyond words to be called his friend. Not many people would step out in faith to equip and train leaders and volunteers to be more effective at reaching the next generation.

If you are within driving distance for the love of all that is holy sign up bring a car load of volunteers create some memories and learn, grow and dream together.

To register right now click on the following link – REGISTER NOW.