Why you need more change in your life.

The past few weeks our church has been experiencing a good bit of change. It’s a good thing. God is really up to some amazing things. Everyone in our church has been affected one way or another. As I have been processing the change in my life here are some of my thoughts.

1. We all avoid change because it’s painful, status quo is so much easier.
2. We like things the same because the same is safe, the same is controllable.
3. We trust God WAY more when we are doing things we are not comfortable doing.
4. We accept problems as unchangeable because we see them the same way for far to long. Fresh eyes, fresh faith changes things.
5. We pray more about the small things in times of change.
6. We are more aware of our enemy in times of change.
7. We are more willing to give God the credit in times of change.

I am so grateful to be part of a team that is flexible enough to be willing to change what needs to be changed and wise enough to recognize those things which are and should always remain unchangeable.

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