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Every once in a while I like to put a list of books or resources that I am currently enjoying because I always love finding a new book or podcast. So here is a list of podcasts I listen to often.

Ministry Podcasts

North Point Ministry Podcast

North Point Church Podcast

The Gospel Coalition

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Redeemer.tv (my church)

Timothy Keller Podcast

Kid Ministry Podcast

Cornerstone Fellowship Podcast – Christaan is just to funny.

Ministry-to-Children Podcast

Random Other Podcasts

Havard Business Review IdeaCast

ESPN Fantasy Focus: Baseball Edition

Stuff You missed in History Class

Stuff you should know



ParentLife Magazine: Review and Giveaway

The kind folks over at Lifeway gave me a sneak peek at their redesigned and soon to launch ParentLife magazine. I got the magazine earlier this week and have had a few days to go through it. I love it. At the front of the magazine is few pages dedicated to tips, tricks and products that would be applicable to you and your child based on what age your kids are. The age break downs are – On the way, Birth to 1 year, 1 to 2 years, 3 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years, and 9 to 12 years. As a parent three kids that fit in three different age categories I can tell you their suggestions are helpful, practical and insightful.

I really enjoyed their articles on how to stop sibling fights and another on how to take advantage of teachable moments. Their suggestions for creating teachable moments are 1. Be a prepared parent 2. An attentive child 3. A trigger event 4. A biblical principle. They go into detail about each of these, I found the articles in ParentLife both practical and compelling.

One last thing I thought was really neat as a resource for busy families is a monthly calendar that tells you what to do on a certain day to communicate biblical truth in a simple, engaging way. For example March is all about teaching your kids about creation so for example on March 16 “Let’s Eat” Hid a nature object in your kitchen. During dinner, give clues until someone guesses the object and it’s location. A fun simple way to talk about how, why and what God created.

I for one am going to be looking forward to receiving a copy of ParentLife every month. Here is a link where you can find out more about the magazine and how to subscribe.

Here is a link to a PDF sample of the March Issue http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/files/lwcF_crd-mgz-ParentLife-March2011.pdf

They have also graciously offered to give one of my readers a free one year subscription to ParentLife. If you are interested Either Leave a comment, tweet the following or do both.

@samluce is giving away a free yr. subscription 2 ParentLife Mag. from @lifewaykids at http://samluce.com/?p=4667 #kidmin

Do me a favor…

I appreciate everyone who stops by my site and adds to the conversation. I want to take a few minutes to encourage you to check out some of the things the people who sponsor this site have to offer.

Summer XP – Jump – If you are planning on doing VBS or some version of it this summer you need to check out the stuff that the Orange group has put together. I have used their curriculum of for the past 5 years and have always found their stuff to be easy to use and always very customizable to fit our context.

Worlds of Wow – Is a one stop shop to custom theme your church or business. Regan heads the company up and is a stand up guy. They put in our indoor playground in our church and 2 years later the kids love it like the first time they played in it.

Kidz Blitz Curriculum – Roger Fields is one of the more creative guys I know in kids ministry he is never afraid to try something new, and isn’t afraid of something failing as a result he has come up with some of the more creative ideas in kids ministry in recent years. Roger has been in kids ministry for years so signing up for his curriculum you get creativity and experience something in my mind that is well worth the investment.

Bible Bucks 2.0 – Winner of the Children’s ministry expo’s Jawdrop innovation award. Bible Bucks 2.0 is a new way to do rewards at your kids church. It’s a web based reward system that will leave your kids talking.

R04r.com – An innovative iPhone app company that was started by a good friend of mine – The user interface is drop dead simple. If you are looking for a iPhone app or android app contact Matt at R04R tell him Sam sent ya!

Jonathan Martin Creative – They are an unbelievably talented company our church will literally never look the same because of them. Every week when kids come to Uptown and their breath is taken away. I am so grateful to JMC for the time and energy they put into making our space amazing.

Lifeway – Parent life magazine – The people at Lifeway have put together what seems to be a great resource for kids pastors and parents, It’s a magazine called Parent Life, a magazine that focuses on the whole child (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social). I haven’t read it yet but plan on reviewing it on my blog soon. The folks at Lifeway always do a great job equipping parents and churches. I always enjoy their blog.

Guest Post: Thinking Big When Your Ministry Feels Small

I had the opportunity to write a guest post over on Ministry-to-children.com. My post was about how to apply realistic principles and ask appropriate questions that will challenge the status quo. No matter what size your church is or how many kids come, I believe God wants you to be the best leader you can be so that you can communicate the gospel with as many people as possible.

Tony Kummer and his team do a great job putting out quality info to help Kids Pastors in churches of all shapes and sizes, and it’s all for free. Here’s a link to the article.