Recipe or a Formula

(Here is an article I did a while back that I always think about  before heading off to a kids ministry conference. I thought I would share it  with you.)

As a kids pastor going to conferences I often made the mistake of looking for the perfect formula instead of the right recipe. When I was younger attending conferences I was always looking for the one thing that “perfect formula” that would make my ministry a success. Over the years I have come to learn that ministry especially kids ministry is not a formula but a recipe.

What is the difference between a formula and recipe? Formula’s are typically always a fixed set of logical step anyone can follow and are reproducible (sounds good right?) Well sorry to break the news to you but very few things work as advertised at a conference, you need to bring them home and break them down. Ministry to kids is more like a recipe take a cookie recipe for example you have certain things that are constant truths that have to be in that recipe or it’s going to TASTE weird. You need sugar, flour, usually eggs but it’s the things you change based on what you want your cookies to TASTE like that make all the difference. If you like peanut butter add that, you like chocolate chips add those

If ministries (and cookies) were made with a formula they would all look, TASTE and basically be the same and ultimately would not reach the people God is calling us to reach.

To get the most out of any conference you need to know what are the core ingredients essential to every ministry and what are those extra ingredients that produce a flavor that pleases God and draws the people God has called you to reach. If you do those two things you will not only learn great stuff but will have the grid to implement them when you get back home.

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  • Great metaphor! I've had basically the same thinking…but this is a great way to summarize it. Each minister and ministry is different so you must take the basic ingredients and add the specific touches that fit. Thanks!

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