Retro Post: #102 Stuff Kids Pastors Like: Acronyms

I am not sure who likes acronyms better churches or the government. In the government there is the FBI, CIA, DHS, FEMA, NSA the list goes on. As far as the church goes, when I first became the Children’s pastor of our church the name of the elementary ministry was R.O.C.K. Church, I honestly still don’t know what R.O.C.K. stood for. Better yet as a child of the 70’s I grew up in church during the height of what I call the “Acronym Age”. I attended a youth group that was named…..are you ready for this C.R.A.C.K. Whether the name congers up thoughts of drug use or of a plumbers anatomy neither are pleasant and neither make you think “I would like to send my kids there”. Another youth group I attended was T.R.E.K. (Kenny my sci-fi friend would have loved it.) Totally Radical Embassies of the Kingdom. Live long and prosper.

There are two basic methods for naming something with an acronym.

Method 1 – Start will a cool name that has nothing to do with church and cram one of the following words or a combination of the following words: Christ, Radical, Kingdom, Kids, or Christian into your cool name to make it sound “more Christian”

The Less popular Method 2 – Start with a cool name and then shorten it. This one has more to do with luck than it does with wit. Like accidentally finding out your phone number spells a word.

I do understand what acronyms are supposed to be for. Shortening long names to make them easier to say when you will be saying them quite often. Can you imagine how much less would get done by government agencies if they didn’t abbreviate! I digress. The main problem I personally have with acronyms is the present a “insider knowledge” jargon atmosphere.

The first reason for the overuse of acronym is cultural relevancy with a side order of Jesus. At least the government does it right the shorten a long name, in the church we take a short “cool” name and try to cram Jesus into it (C.R.A.C.K. “Christs Radical And Committed Kids”). Why, oh ,why must we do this.

The next reason I think people use acronyms is to help people remember your name. Yes, name recognition is good, but I think that we should be remembered by people because of the environment we create and the experience that people have. People remember things that touch them emotionally and spiritually.

The last reason I think people us acronyms to much is because they think if you name it they will C.O.M.E. Many times we put more brainstorming into getting a cool acronym than we do in creating environments where life-change can happen. Ultimately that is our goal creating a place for God to move on peoples lives.

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Don't believe your own bio.

Bio’s are a like a big nose everyone has one, well lots of people have them. From the rise of blogging to the invention of “The social Network” everyone has a 140 character description of who they are and what they’ve done. Having a bio isn’t a problem. The problem comes when we start believing our own bio’s.

In the past few weeks I have had the honor of speaking at two amazing conferences and was recognized by Children’s Ministry Magazine as one of the 20 up and coming kids pastors to watch. All of which I am humbled, amazed and overwhelmed by as I write this.

As I was having some alone time with God he dropped this challange in my spirit: “Don’t Believe Your Own Bio.” If we are going to shoot straight and be totally honest we have all met people who not only believe their own bio but add in extra stuff to sound even more important. I NEVER want to be that guy.  Here are a few things I constantly remind myself so that I always view everything I do in the proper perspective.

1. I have what I have and am what I am ultimately because of the power of Christ in me.
2. Behind every successful person is a family that supported and believed,  in that person.
3. Success never happens in a vacuum any one person success is most often because of a team that helped directly or indirectly.
4. I believe the local Church is the hope of the world. Everything I do is to help the local church grow, expand and reach people far from Christ.
5. As talented as I or others may think I am there are many more people out there that know more than me, that are far more talented than me. Those people need to speak up because we all can benefit from your wisdom
6. I still have heaps to learn and I believe that I can learn from everyone and anyone.

One of the things that has amazed me over the past 3 years is the amount of people blogging, collaborating and working together. The more we work together the more Christ gets the credit and the Gospel gets spread. If you don’t blog, collaborate or work with any other kids people do it now the kingdom of God needs your voice.