Why we all love Sam Luce!!!

Sam has given me access to his blog so I can link it to CMConnect. This is a test post to see how it works.

So, let’s use this opportunity to talk about Sam and encourage him…

Please share your thoughts on the greatness of Sam Luce by commenting below.

Oh… and hurry, please, do it quickly before Sam realizes I’ve posted this blog and takes it down.

Michael Chanley

5 thoughts on “Why we all love Sam Luce!!!”

  1. Nobody does the hair flip like he does.

    He's a Yankee, but still holds the door for you.

    His blog has perfect grammar and spelling all the time.

    He always says, "Come on Now!"

    He loves sweet tea.

    If he could he'd eat grits for breakfast every morning.

    //// OK, some of these might be untrue…

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