Free Book Winner!

Thanks to all of you who posted and to the ReThink group for the book. Thank you guys for your amazing stories of Orangeness I hope to connect with you guys at Orange this year.

I can’t remember how I found this site but thought it would be perfect for situations like this sort of a 21st Century Hat pull if you will. I video taped my screen for accountability purposes.


Congrats! Enjoy the book. If you are not attending Orange. DM me your address

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-25

  • RT @soulpancake: Is Sex Strictly An Animal Impulse Or Does It Affect Our Souls? #
  • RT @kennyconley: Just heard a kid ask his dad what he learned at church today. Funny! /// Now that’s a great question. #
  • RT @MichaelFranzese: Had a phenomenal weekend at Mt. Zion.. Thanks to @MikeServello, @samluce, and others who made this weekend so special! #
  • Testing out Elavate Jr. On my 4 and 2 yr olds. So far so good. #kidmin #
  • All Elevate Jr. Peeps! I am hosting an idea exchange for all of us to learn from each other. On TokBox Friday 24th 10EST #Kidmin #
  • Using tweetie for mac desktop client. Wish it had groups. #
  • Found this via @mattmckee 5 ways to get questions answered on twitter. #
  • Shows How much she knows in the past 3 months I have made $9.00 blogging. Ha! #
  • Getting ready to record my first TakeTen. #
  • Just finished recording TakeTen with @ryanfrank and @gofishguy thanks guys for your time! #
  • Free Book #kidmin #orange09 #
  • On a Phone call with @jimwidman and a ton of great #kidmin leaders #
  • Just a reminder to anyone interested. We are going to be doing a Elevate Jr. Tokbox brainstorm tom. @ 10am EST. Will tweet the link. #kidmin #
  • Listening to ESPN I am so sick of football talk. I couldn’t care less about who drafts who. #
  • I’m about to start a video chatlive via @TokBox–join to talk about elevate Jr. right now! #
  • Elevate Jr. Brainstorm session @TokBox–join me now! #kidmin #
  • Thanks @kidzmatter2me @_Lowedown @funnymandan @Langer123 for the #followfriday linkage! #
  • Pushing to get tons done. #orange09 is next week! #
  • Free Book! #kidmin #orange09 I will select the winner tomorrow night. #

Elevate Jr. Brainstorm (Part 1)

Notes on Elevate Jr.

Brief note of my boneheadedness – I forgot C3 was going on all the experts where there getting their expert on. Hopefully we can do this again in a couple of weeks. Maybe we could even get Steven Dilla to join us.

General Thoughts
Strengths of elevate – flexible video, video training for small group. Take home piece is strong.

Most take a portion of the lesson for the 2 to 3 year olds.

Currently Doing Elevate Jr.
Henry Zonio – Just did Spy chase – kids liked it Adults loved it.
Dustin Aagaard – Launching in three weeks
Todd Mckeever – Starting in 3 weeks –
Sam Luce – Starting elevate in 3 weeks
Sheik Mozart – Not currently using Elevate very interested.

Service Style
Henry – Does a large group setting. No small groups yet
Todd- going to do Large group 1st service Large group small group 2nd service
Sam – Does a classroom rotation model for more on this click here preschool_rotation
Dustin – Is doing a Classroom model – small group driven

Service Length
Henry – 90 min
Sheik Mozart – 90 min
Todd – 60 min service
Dustin Aagaard – 60 min. service

Henry  – 4/5 serve every week 2and3 once a month
Sheik – serve weekly
Dustin – Serve every other week
Sam – Going to do 2 weeks on 2 off for presentors Once a month for room facilitators.

Sat night.
No one does a Sat. – Sam is considering starting a Sat. Preschool class this might work for him.

Free Book!

I am giving away. “Think Orange”! Reggie wrote it and it’s being published by Cook Publishers and released at Orange. Actually it’s not being released to the public until June. Plus it will be autographed by Reggie!

How cool is that!

How do you win it?

1. I would like to hear a brief story of your most profound experience at an Orange Conference

2. Or your most profound experience using 252basics

3. Or if you have never been to Orange or used 252basics describe what you do to Partner with parents.

Winner will be chosen at random using

Good luck.

New Diggs

Well I had the old blog layout for about a year. I switched to this one. I like it my wife hates it. Let me know what you think.

What I like.

1. simple clean interface

2. native connection to twitter and flickr

3. More grafic driven with out being overwhelming.

4. I like change (BTW my wife doesn’t like change)