Bucket List Check: John Acuff: Stuff Christians Like

I feel like a 12 year old girl at Jonas Brother Concert. I have realized a boyhood dream to meet John Acuff the author of the Stuff Christians like Blog. He is here at The Orange Conference meeting his peeps.

If you haven’t read his blog do it today. One thing that drives me nuts about Christians is they take themselves to seriously. I am almost 100% Jesus reads John’s blog so do yourself a favor. Do what Jesus would do read John’s blog.


Pearls of Prodigal John wisdom

“Write for the readers you have not to get more.”

For Ideas “Have a wild mind and disciplined eye”

Big impact Small groups

Growing Small Groups Deeper

Chad and Autumn Ward – from Mountain Lake Church

IMG_0290.JPGBig Idea – If deep meaningful relationships are important in your ministry than you will do what it takes to create them.

Key Thoughts –

  • Consistency is the key to life-giving relationships
  • Empower small group leaders to make a difference in the lives of the kids they lead.
  • Be a resource to Small Group leaders so they can be a resource to parents.
  • Create social events that create relational deposits in the lives of your small group leaders

Best Thought of the Day: Your child’s best day of the week should be at home not at church.

Questions I need to ask myself –

  • What systems have I created that facilitate constancy in relationships?
  • How can I find out what resources our parents need?
  • Am I passionate bout relationships? Do I model them?
  • Are my small group leader filling space or touching lives?

Great video below from Chad and Autumn Ward’s church where they partnered with parents to do an event that describes baptism.


I just punched Sam Luce…

My name is Michael Chanley and I just punched Sam Luce and took over his blog. He is in a lot of pain. Good thing he is saved… I think he is saved… I hope he is saved. I guess I should have asked before I punched him.


So violence is not the answer…. chocolate ice cream is the answer.


Michael Chanley

Preschool Worship: The Gateway Drug.

Engaging Preschoolers in Worship

Presenter : Yancy Richmond

Big Idea –

Preschool worship needs to be Fun, Energetic and Engaging.

Key Thoughts –

Ways to make preschool worship engaging

1. Be prepared (Above all else Be Prepared) They will eat you alive if you are not prepared.

2. Evaluate Consistently – “Grate teachers know when kids get it. If the kids are not getting it, they find a new way of connecting with kids.”

3. Speak Clearly

4. Be Bold “If you act wimpy kids will think you are wimpy”

5. Be Exciting

6. Be Consistent

7. Don’t hide behind the mic

8. Make eye contact

9. Give vocal instructions

10 Teach them to worship

Psalm 8:1,2

1 God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.

2 Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you;

toddlers shout the songs

That drown out enemy talk,

and silence atheist babble.


Quote of the break out – Yancy “Sometimes I feel like an aerobic instructor”

Questions I need to ask myself –

– If I am not happy with the level of kids worship we have why not start younger.

– If Disney spends millions to learn what preschoolers like as far as music goes. Why don’t I leverage they do to further the kingdom.

– Our kids become consumers of culture younger and younger what can we do to guide our kids through those choices.

– I need to start looking for many small group leaders now.

– Why do I think preschool worship has to resemble adult worship?

My First Tweet Up.

I have to admit most of presuppositions about tweet ups are connected to the Sci-fi community (not that there is anything wrong with that.) We all met at the Varsity in downtown met lots of people that are passionate about kids and youth.

What a blast. Great people. Good times Good times.

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