Bucket List Check: John Acuff: Stuff Christians Like

I feel like a 12 year old girl at Jonas Brother Concert. I have realized a boyhood dream to meet John Acuff the author of the Stuff Christians like Blog. He is here at The Orange Conference meeting his peeps.

If you haven’t read his blog do it today. One thing that drives me nuts about Christians is they take themselves to seriously. I am almost 100% Jesus reads John’s blog so do yourself a favor. Do what Jesus would do read John’s blog.


Pearls of Prodigal John wisdom

“Write for the readers you have not to get more.”

For Ideas “Have a wild mind and disciplined eye”

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7 thoughts on “Bucket List Check: John Acuff: Stuff Christians Like

  1. Jim I would love to met you someday I can’t speak for John but he was very gracious so I am going to guess he would feel the same as I do.


    I thought my blog was the best ever.


    You know it.

  2. Sam –
    It was awesome to meet you yesterday. The crush is mutual. I can’t wait to check out K. “Stop being a nerd” is brilliant. Let me know if I can do anything to help you get the word out.