Group Kidmin Conference: Why you should register. What you can save.


Very excited to be going going to Group’s Kidmin Conference.

Why you should register.

1. Connect Groups groups created to make a large conference small. Groups designed to force you to connect with other kids pastors so a conversation can start that you can take home with you and relationships can start that grow into something bigger than any conference you could ever go to.
2. Dynamic Speakers There are so many great speakers some are close friends some I have yet to meet. Some you have heard speak before others you will be hearing for the first time. I am so pumped at the possibilities.
3. Deeper Tracks – You can dig as deep in a topic as you want. Track will be 6, 4, and 2 hours. You can choice how in-depth you want to go.
4. No Blue M&M – Kidmin conference is unique because there will be no green room for the speakers. Every speaker you see on the website will be hanging out talking with, praying for and encouraging you. That my friends is worth the price of admission.

So join me in October. It’s only May and already I can’t stinking wait!

What you can save.

Use the code SLUCE11 when you register and it will take $25 off all standard registrations (this excludes the spouse and student rates as those are already at the lowest.)

Before May 31, 2011 Before August 25, 2011
Type Early Bird Registration Advanced Registration Regular Registration
Individual Conference Rate $359.00 $379.00 $399.00
Group of 5+ $339.00 $359.00 $399.00
Spouse of Registered Attendee $289.00 $289.00 $399.00


Guerrilla Parenting: Active time vs. Passive time

There has been an age old debate in parenting. The debate always has been between quality time and quantity. Which is more important?

I believe that new debate for the 21st century for parents to struggle with is between active time with your kids and passive time.

I still am wrestling with this idea, I was playing with my son the other day at the same time I was checking email. I realized that I was passively engaging both those who were emailing me as well as my son. I find the busier I get the more people that need my time the better I need to be at actively engaging people. I try give a little of my time to everyone I end up cheating everyone.

As a parent in the digital constant contact society you need to set digital boundaries. I remember a couple of things that Doug Fields shared at his main session at the Orange Conference in 2009.

1. Do you hold your iPhone more than you hold your kids?
2. Don’t talk on the phone when you are in the car with your kids. You will miss out on massive opportunities to connect with your kids.

As a father and leader you need to be actively present. Your kids and the people in your life deserve not quality, not quantity but active time.

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Best ipad app: Flipboard for the iPad


One of my new favorite iPad apps is Flipboard. Basically it turns your twitter, facebook or blogging feed into a magazine like reading experience. You can comment, like and read your social media content massively visual appealing layout. If you don’t use Flipboard you need to be. It will change how you read and interact with your content.

I share way more links that I have in the past because the sharing options are drop dead simple. Last but definitely not least flipboard is free so go download it today.

What is your favorite iPad app?

My 1000th Post and thoughts on #kidmin Community

After 4 years of blogging I finally hit my 1000th post. Ha! A full year after my good friend Kenny.

I just want to thank all of you who have joined me in the conversation. I am really looking forward to the next few years. I say this all the time. I started blogging to help kids pastors who are just starting out and what has happened is I ended learning more from all of you.

I look back at those 4 years and I think of how much God has done in me. I think of all of the friends I have made that I would never have known any other way. I am so grateful to be part of such a life giving community. I talk to youth pastors, production people, and worship guys and they are all jealous of community that we have created in #kidmin. They wish they had something similar. It still blows me away that I have made lifelong friends over Al Gore’s internets, crazy!

So 1000 posts later thank you all for have you have helped me grow as a leader and how you have helped our church be more effective in reaching people far from Christ. It is so great to see kidmin leaders from all over the country working together to advance the Gospel.

Acts 4:32-33
32And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.
33And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.

Thanks for all you do you are more of a blessing than you will ever know. Let’s keep working together and building the church. Looking forward to the next 1000 posts maybe I’ll beat Kenny even with his 1 year head start.