Give Away Tuesday: Kidmin Leadership

Jim Wideman has been a part of all of the major shakeups and startups in children’s ministry today. This week is another first for kids ministry. There have been many people who have offered mentoring programs in kidmin but none as successfully as Brother Jim. The idea that you would be able to keep 12 kidmin leaders together for two years is incredible and even more incredible is for the first time ever a group of people in a mentoring program have written a book. I have had the priviladge of reading it ahead of time. Here is what I thought.

“There are lots of leadership books out there, but when I come across one that is written by kids’ pastors for kids’ pastors, it gets my attention. I love the fact that this book is not full of theories; it is full of actual experience founded in biblical truth. Every chapter provides a different perspective that cumulates in one voice calling children’s pastors and church leaders alike to up their game and lead; because what we do is eternal, and the Gospel demands it.”.  I highly recommend you order a copy.

If you would like to win a free copy of the book tweet the following.

@samluce is giving away a free copy of Kidmin Leadership from @jimwideman over at #kidmin #infuse

Kidmin Leadership

What happens when you combine:

·                A mentor and coach who for more than thirty-five years has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of local churches’ children’s and youth leaders;
·                Twelve kidmin leaders from various denominational backgrounds, a range of leadership levels, and a variety of life expe­riences;
·                Two years of an intense iron-sharpening-iron program which included more than twenty mentoring phone calls, four retreats, and count­less hours on a private forum at
That’s simple—this book! Live Broadcast

Check out what my friend Roger Fields is doing. One hour from now he’s going to be broadcasting live from downtown Louisville.

Less than 1 1/2  hours away Roger Fields (FX Live), Jeremy Collins (Pajama Conference) and Michelle Romaine (Fitness Camp) will be broadcasting live from downtown Lexington all about the cool things happening at CMX 2011! Check it out TODAY 1:30 EST 12:30 CST 10:30 Pacific


Free Online Collaboration Tool:

I came across this tool the other day on Techcrunch. It is a free open-source collaboration tool. A few months ago when we were working on God To The Rescue we used Google Docs. It worked but it was a bit cumbersome. We are about to start working on a curriculum for Summer of 2012 and Christmas of 2011. This time around we are going to try I think this tool is going to be perfect here’s why.

1. Has milestones – You can keep your project on task with goals and milestones. We got God To The Rescue out a bit later than we wanted. I do much better with deadlines so this is very nice in a collaborative setting.

2. Has chat – you can do a live chat with one or more of your collaborators

3. Has document editing.  I like this because it is keept someone different than google docs. I use google docs quite a bit. I like it but the interface is a bit cluttered and I prefer editing in Pages.

4. They are working on internal email – again this would be perfect for collaboration everything in one place.

5. It’s free – free is always nice.

6. It’s a great way for me to work on multiple projects at one time in one place.


I’m using it to work on collaborative curriculum development – Other uses I could see

1. Multi-site anything
2. A great way to leverage and empower volunteers
3.VBS planning tool
4. Camp planning tool
5. Leadership development.

It’s a great free resource that you need to at least check out even if you don’t end up using it.

10 Best iPad Apps for kids

1. Casey’s Contraptions – crazy addicting think angry birds meets actual laws of physics.

2. Parent Cue – ReThinks Cue box for the iPad – If you use ReThink’s 252basics curriculum this is a no brainer.

3. Toy Story Read Along – Stunning ebook for the iPad also includes interactive treats like video, coloring and games.

4. Glow Coloring – A twist on the typical draw app. My kids love it.

5. Angry Birds – I can’t get enough Angry Birds. 200 million downloads incredible.

6. A Story B4 Bed – This app lets your children watch video recordings of you reading children’s books. Very cool.

7. PBS Kids – I love PBS kids so do my kids. This app gives you access to videos and games of your favorite PBS kids shows.

8. Brain Pop – A new educational cartoon video delivered to your iPad everyday.

9. First Words Animals – A fun learning game that helps kids learn to read.

10. My First Puzzles: Aliens HD – Great puzzle game for kids 2-6

* Many of these allow in app purchasing to turn this off do the following: To block In-app purchasing on your iphone, go into Settings, then under ‘General’ you can access the ‘Restrictions’ menu, if you haven’t used them before, you may be asked to set a pass code to enable them. Once this is done, under the ‘Allowed Content’ heading you will be able to toggle the ‘In-App purchases’ to OFF.