Top Posts of 2009

Well, I am still on a blogging hiatus of sorts. Enjoying the holiday season with my family. I thought it would be fun to look back at the year at the Top posts of 2009 and look forward to 2010.

Top 10 Posts of 2009

1. Announcing Claudia to the world – (#1 as it should be)

2. Announcing Bible Bucks 2.0

3. Stuff Kids Pastors Like #101 – (The letter Z)

4. Is VBS Dead

5. Should women be leading? Nancy Beach

6. Resources to help your kids read their Bible

7. Free tool for parents and kids pastors – (Happy Birthday Jesus Party)

8. And every parent says “God bless you Google”

9. Free Book! (Free copy Think Orange)

10. Voluntwitter – using twitter for your volunteers

As far as next year I want to hear more from you guys. – Here is what I am excited to be blogging about you tell me what you would like to discuss.

1. Innovation in ministry
2. Being an Image manager vs. Building the Kingdom
3. Blogging from Orange again!
4. Thinking inside the box
5. What social tools you need to be using to connect with families
6. How to grow in your leadership
7. leading volunteer staff
8. Why I like dark colored Tee-shirts in kids ministry
9. More chapters to my online book “A thin man’s guide to losing weight”
10. More stuff kids pastors like

Looking forward to hearing from y’all (trying to fit it with my southern reading peeps)

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


Welcome Home, welcome home

I know I said I was taking a blog holiday but my last post got lost in cyber 301 redirect land. So if you are coming here wondering what the heck is going on, welcome to the new and Lord willing final home of I had been thinking of separating my blog into two more focused categories stuff for Uptown and stuff I am thinking about. That’s what I hope to do have more focus on two blogs than try to do to much on one blog.

Well I am glad you stopped by. I have a few things I need to work on still. Priority #1 get un-blacklisted from Google. In the process of setting this site up, Google saw something they didn’t like and I got blacklisted. So I got blacklisted from twitter and now google all that is left is facebook.

Anywho thanks for stopping by I look forward to continuing our conversation for years to come.

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Innovation in Kids Ministry

There has been a question that has been dogging me lately, and it’s this. “Why isn’t there more innovation in Children’s Ministry.”

I have been thinking about this for a while and the latest issue of Harvard Business Review is all about innovation. I read an article about the DNA of an Innovator, it really got me thinking. One of the biggest take always from the article was that I need to take 15 to 30 minutes a day to ask lots of questions about why I do what i do and how I can do things different. I have come to the following conclusions, they are by no means final conclusions:

1. We really don’t make time to question why we do what we do.
2. We tend to think more week to week
3. We tend to manage because of all the people and resources we oversee
4. We tend to think that tweaking existing things is innovation
5. We ask the wrong questions.

What do you think?

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