Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-23

  • RT @chicowoo: My wife just said “kids make it hard to be a good mom” LOL #
  • Working on simplifying my categories on my blog. A bit of free advice START SIMPLE/STAY SIMPLE. #
  • Watching Survivor. Still want to be on either Survivor or The Amazing Race at some point. #fb #
  • I am looking for a good weekend evaluation tool. Any #kidmin tweeps using something good? #
  • What a crazy cool time to be in #kidmin God is up to some big things! #
  • Great talk with @mikefjohnson an amazing kids pastor from an amazing church. He’s been doing this for 16 years. I can learn alot from him #
  • Going home. Productive day got loads of #kidmin statergery done. #
  • RT @mikepfs: WiFi for the Friendly Skies #
  • Yanks win 7 strait! Wooot! #
  • Was watching the Yanks. Who did better on American idol Kris or Adam. #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #
  • Hey make sure all you #kidmin peeps wish @mattmckee a big birthday wish! #
  • Simon is pissed #American idol #
  • RT @r_frank: Rec’d email: “I can’t tell you how much your magazine has helped me..its relevant to ministry, even in a small church.” #kidmin #
  • Just found a bunch a new #kidmin peeps to follow. Very cool. #
  • RT @chicowoo: New blog post: Why I Don’t Like Crabs and My Thoughts about Francis Chan being a Sell out. amen #
  • Hey Fellowshipone Peeps looking for a report that gives me all the Parent email addresses for my kids. #FellowshipOne #
  • Thank you @Coldplay for free music. Love it! #fb #
  • Hot date with my wife. Looking at funiture. Perrrrrr #
  • A little bit a heaven in upstate NY! #
  • RT @kennyconley: @samluce isn’t on the show today. He’s on a date with his wife… now I feel like a turd. 🙂 /// turd that’s to funny! #
  • “you can be so careful your behind and so cautious your irrelevant” – @andystanley #
  • If I could ask @andystanley one question: “How do you take complex ideas and both consistently and concisely break them down practically.” #
  • Had a great day with my wife now about to watch “Tales of Desperaeux” #fb #
  • If I could ask @andystanley one question: “How do you take complex ideas and both consistently and concisely break them down practically.” #

YouTube Friday: Small Group Training Video

My good friend and fellow blogger Jonathan Cliff made this video for his small group leaders. I think it has value for any small group.

Humor + Information = sticky

Only two things could have made this video better.

1. Changing the name from KidsPlace to Kidzplace.

2. Random puppets speaking spanish.

Kidsplace Unscripted from jonathancliff on Vimeo.

#101 Stuff Kids Pastors Like

I met John Acuff at Orange He has one of the funniest blogs I have read in a long time “Stuff Christians Like”. He is a boy genius. It got me thinking if there are stuff christians like than what about children’s workers we have to like stuff to? So here is my first attempt at a new segment.

Anything with the letter Z.

I am not sure what it is or why but I think kids pastors have officially killed the letter Z.

I am not sure exactly when or where I was when I had the realization that “Holy Crap kidz pasterz love the letter z!”

You know you have done it. You go to buy a url you look up (taken) then you type (take). Then you think wait a minute…… lets try (FREE). How do i know? Did i mention my yahoo address [email protected] That’s right I too am a recovering over Z user.

I can’t think of another industry that abuses a single letter of the alphabet the way kidz pastorz abouse the letter z.

You may be saying to your self. Help me I can’t stop it i find the letter Z fun, entertaining, cute, relevant. I want to help

Here is where I can help. You might be saying wow I really need to change the name of my kidz church or in my case my email. I have put together a tool you can uze to change the name of your kidz church. There will be two lists of words pick any one word from on list match it with a word from the second list and voila you have a new name.

List 1                                  List 2

Happy                                  Zone
The O

Why I love my church.

I have been blessed to be able to visit many churches that are doing amazing things for the kingdom. There is just something about being in the place God has called you. I have had the privilege of being the kids pastor at my church for 12 years this July, I however want to by no means paint an unrealistic view of our church. I know we are not the only great church (I just came back from North Point, for the love of Pete) out there. I am just saying why I love, and am blessed to be a part of such a great church.

What make my church so great?

1. Our Lead pastors are passionate about reaching people who are far from God.

2. My Senior Pastor totally gets the importance of Kids ministry.

3. The Pastoral staff not only likes each other but has a good enough relationship that we can ruthlessly mock each other in love.

4. Despite being doing anything short of sin to reach people our church still values the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit

5. If I didn’t work at my church I would still attend it (unless I lived in say Atlanta Ga)

6. My pastor is not a Micro-manager

7. My pastor is hands down the most secure church leader I have ever met.

8. The people in our church are some of the most amazing people you will meet (many are Italian, and yes they are all very good cooks)

9. Our church is one of the most generous churches I know.

10. When it all comes down to it I know that I can trust each staff member implicitly.

How about you? Why do you love your church? Would you go to your church if you had a choice to go elsewhere?

Start Simple Stay Simple.

Just spent a few hours this weekend going from 36 categories down to 7. While at Orange I was inspired by Human3rror to simplify my categories. So I have decided to use categories as a broad search tool and tags to help people find specific posts.

When I started blogging I had only a few categories. I started simple the problem we all encounter is that we tend to make things more complicated over time for the following reasons:

1. We like to be in control

2. We get nostalgic with things we create

3. We think everyone loves what we do as much as we do.

4. We can’t let go of the good to obtain greatness

What have you made to complex? What can you simplify?

Take my advice start simple stay simple.