Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-16

Should Women be leading? Nancy Beach

Main Point – we need to talk about the elephant in the room – having women in ministry

3 opportunities

1. Get into it – Jump into the conversation. We need to make this (women in ministry) a front-burner issue.

2. get over it – These new realities may feel uncomfortable. We need to acknowledge the awkwardness of having a woman on your team.

3. get on with it – Where ever you end up, there are plenty of ways women can contribute, but is there room for growth? Will the women and daughters in your church have a place to lead?

My thoughts –

I have been doing kids ministry for 12 years now and I am thankful for women who are strong leaders. I have worked with many woman who are better leaders than I am and I have absolutely no problem with that at all.

I would have no problem working in a church who’s senior pastor is a woman. I just don’t have an issue with it. I was sitting next to a woman during Nancy’s talk and I asked her “do women really feel like men in the church diminish their contributions and stifle their growth as a leader by putting limits on them as to what they can and can not do.” She replied, Yes.

For that I am very sorry.

As for the general session I think the topic was a great one, I don’t think however that the delivery of the material was as helpful as it could have been. This is not a slight to Nancy Beach at all she is a gifted communicator I deeply respect her and the team at Willow. I personally felt that she may have approached a very difficult talk from personal hurts and feelings and not enough from biblical truths. When you are talking to men i think it is important that you say this is how it is, this is why the bible says it’s wrong, this is how we can work together to fix it.

I am grateful that the organizers of Orange have put this topic on the table. I pray that it fosters healthy debate and hopefully some shifts in mindsets.

If this talk was given again (and I think it should) I would change the following:

You should have a very strong Leader – I think someone like Nancy Ortberg would be great to give the talk. Guys need someone who will say this is why it is wrong this is what the bible says what are you going to do about it? (This is to in no way take away from Nancy Beach she did great, but she comes from a more creative side of things. Being a creative person I totally get what she was saying. My question is did any of the Business administrators get it. I would say sadly no.)

My wife and I have expecting a baby girl this summer. I pray that she is a dynamic leader that is only limited by the constraints of God’s tugging on her life, keeping her, guiding her and leading her.

Links I like: New (to me anyway) and Very cool finds

Here are a few things I have come across in the past couple of weeks. I hope you find them useful. If you have any links I would love to check them out leave the link in your comment.

Evernote: An amazing cross platform note and thought organizer. You can use evernote on a PC, Mac, internet and iPhone. What is most amazing is that you can take a picture of a page of hand written notes and search for what you wrote inside the picture. AMAZING perfect for archiving notes from orange.

279Days to Overnight Success – An e-book to help you become a better blogger.

Visibletweets – How cool would this be if you could put this on a big screen between services as prayer requests or a feed like #orange. I am so going to use this for something not sure what yet.

Twitter apps list. – Here is a crazy huge twitter apps list.

Twitter Snooze – I meant to send this link out to my tweets before Orange due to the onslaught of tweets I knew I would produce. It allows you to turn someone’s updates off for a period of time without unfollowing them.

Tweetlater – a great tool that does a ton of things like time delay tweets – What i like best is how you can vet followers and weed out SEO’s and spammers and still keep your autofollow with out blindlyfollowing. – Lifechurch gives away all their stuff for free how cool is that? What if more churches did this? Anywho I have been looking for some video driven stuff for one of our smaller campus and so far so good. I really like what Ally and the team are doing check it out for your self.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Thanks us air for rerouting me with no additional fee. #
  • Slept 10 hrs in 3 days. Trying to stay awake so I don’t miss my flight boarding. VERY tired. Massive #orange09 hangover. #
  • Finally boarding my last flight. My wife is going to pick me up in one hour Ya Whoo! #
  • RT @hayesandrew: church was great today! big church and kids church went really well #kidmin //// miss my uptown peeps!!! #
  • Just got home Long week. Lots of fun meeting new people and learning new things. #kidmin #
  • Bro you need to follow @theuprisinglive he is a great guy and strait up hilarious. Meet him at orange. #
  • Writing a blog post about #orang09 by searching my tweets from the breakout. How cool is twitter? #kidmin #
  • Just found some new #kidmin peeps to follow! Love when I can follow people I want to not be spammed by internet SEO’s #
  • RT @r_frank: I need to go on record & say that “Children’s Paster” was misspelled intentionally on the cover of K! Mag. Not a typo. #kidmin #
  • Where are my disciples? #mfi #mfu #
  • We have an indoor playground. We sanitize it but it still looks dirty any ideas how to clean it? #kidmin #
  • For all #kidmin peeps which conference is better for your whole church team. #drive or #orange10 or #catalyst #
  • Trying to keep up with a 3yr 4yr and 7yr old at a park. Man can they move. #
  • Driving home. My son is listening to Family Times from ReThink and loving it! #
  • RT @Jon_C: Listening to @andystanley leadership podcast. I could listen to this stuff all day long! //// could not agree more. #
  • Going through my tweeple trying to weed out SEO’s and get rich quick people. #
  • Busy day no time for blogging or tweeting. #
  • Finished the May edition of 365family Newsletter family resource. I would love feedback like/dislikes #kidmin #
  • Heard all the sci-fi people hate the new Star Trek. Sounds like us normal people will like it. #