5 actions every preschool teacher needs to take.

When I first started leading elementary and preschool environments, I had no problem leading and recruiting elementary volunteers, preschool was a different story. It wasn’t until I came understand what makes preschool ministry so amazing. The biggest game changer in preschool ministry and recruiting people to help in preschool ministry comes when you understand that you may be the first person to introduce a preschool to Christ. It’s a huge honor to serve in preschool ministry. To help shape a child’s first understanding of who Christ and what he did for them is amazing.

Here are 5 actions every preschool teacher needs to take.

1. Smile, love the kids you serve. Let them see in you the fruit of the Holy Spirit that is a result of a Christ-centered life.

2. Make sure the snacks are good. – Two things no preschooler ever needs is stale goldfish and stale faith.

3. Use snack time to drive home truth. Preschoolers don’t move and don’t talk and listen most while they are eating. Use those few moments well.

4. Remind kids – 1. Jesus loves them 2. We love you. 3. We all need God’s help

5. Practice consistency and flexibility they are your two greatest friends when working with small people.

Best Bible for Preschoolers!

I’ve written a few posts about what bible to buy for your kids. Here are a few of those posts.

Helping kids love the bible: Stay one bible ahead

Resources to help your kids love the bible.

As a kids pastor my favorite bible has to be the Jesus Storybook Bible. I love because of the vocabulary it gives parents and kids to understand and explain the Gospel. The only problem for us with our youngest kids it didn’t hold their attention because they are to young for the stories. So knowing that our youngest love lift the flap books my wife has been on a quest because it so important to us as a family for our kids to love the bible. We know that for kids to love the bible you have to find one that fits their context.

By accident my wife found a lift the flap book in one of our kids church classrooms. We borrowed it to read to our youngest she loved it! As I was reading it I got this weird feeling. I started thinking that the writer had to have lifted language from Sally Lloyd-Jones. I have read The Jesus Storybook Bible so many times I knew that the writer of this lift the flap bible had stolen stuff from Sally. So I searched the back of the book to see who the culprit was. You will never guess who the famous lifter of Sally’s work was. It was Sally herself. I loved the Lift the Flap book because it reminded me so much of the Jesus Storybook Bible. I was thrilled to find out that Sally had written a Lift the Flap book for little kids that has the same heart and same language but are written in smaller chunks with flaps to lift.

If you love Jesus Storybook Bible and have kids under the age of 3 you MUST buy “Lift the flap Bible” it is magnificent my kids love it your kids will love it.

Practically Improving Preschool.

Improving you first look environment.

About the Presenter – Kendra Fleming is one of my favorite kids pastors.
1. I love Northpoint church
2. I have been blown away by her willingness to help out other kids pastors.
3. Love her blog – I always say it is one of my favorites. I love how her blog is written from in the trenches and offers practical help that is scalable. You can use it.
Why I picked this. – We just started to use My First Look at our church and I am looking for practical suggestions on how to make our small groups better.
Here are a couple things that stood out to me.
Small group.
  • Have consistency.
  • Introduce your kids  to their small group leaders –
  • 8-10 small group kids in preschool is a great small group number.
Large group –
  • Teach one thing at a time.
  • You need to repeat repeat – They like knowing the answer –
  • Get your story tellers to stick to a script.
  • Internalized the content.
Training –
  • Don’t just tell people what to do tell them why
  • when people don’t get here on time – your kids have to wait – always explain things in the context of vision.
  • Cast vision for why talk about How.
  • Training should be inspirational and practical – don’t give them 15 things to do give them 1 or 2 things.
  • Feedback on consistent basis – if it’s random it feels random. –
  • Make a video of standard motions to songs. You can even use your computers webcam to do this.
  • Pick one thing to do when you go home – DO ONE THING once you have one thing down do the next thing.

Preschool Worship: The Gateway Drug.

Engaging Preschoolers in Worship

Presenter : Yancy Richmond

Big Idea –

Preschool worship needs to be Fun, Energetic and Engaging.

Key Thoughts –

Ways to make preschool worship engaging

1. Be prepared (Above all else Be Prepared) They will eat you alive if you are not prepared.

2. Evaluate Consistently – “Grate teachers know when kids get it. If the kids are not getting it, they find a new way of connecting with kids.”

3. Speak Clearly

4. Be Bold “If you act wimpy kids will think you are wimpy”

5. Be Exciting

6. Be Consistent

7. Don’t hide behind the mic

8. Make eye contact

9. Give vocal instructions

10 Teach them to worship

Psalm 8:1,2

1 God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.

2 Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you;

toddlers shout the songs

That drown out enemy talk,

and silence atheist babble.


Quote of the break out – Yancy “Sometimes I feel like an aerobic instructor”

Questions I need to ask myself –

– If I am not happy with the level of kids worship we have why not start younger.

– If Disney spends millions to learn what preschoolers like as far as music goes. Why don’t I leverage they do to further the kingdom.

– Our kids become consumers of culture younger and younger what can we do to guide our kids through those choices.

– I need to start looking for many small group leaders now.

– Why do I think preschool worship has to resemble adult worship?

Reinventing the wheel of PreSchool Ministry. (4 of 4)

What is more important being Original or being Effective.

disney-rtm-500x344.jpgOne of the reasons I think that we are stuck with flannelgraph Jesus is we care more about NOT copying Disney at the cost of overall effectiveness.

I think for some reason we feel that to embrace any of Disney, Nickelodeon etc.. means embracing it all. One thing I think is significant is that Disney and Nickelodeon spend millions to learn how kids learn.

I don’t look at Disney and Nickelodeon as competition I look at them as my research and development department. The problem we have is by using the same powerful methods they use we feel that we are corrupting the message of the gospel.

What we need to ask ourselves is how do they package their message use some of those methods and replace their message with our message.

The place many of us get stuck on is the external stuff we can’t match Disney’s budget. But we can learn from Disney how they do things.

The bottom line is how we do children’s ministry must be willing to change. What must never change is the truth we communicate. How changes. What never changes.

I want to do children’s ministry in a way that is powerful, relevant and challenges kids to love God and love others.