AHA book review


Idleman uses the story of the prodigal son as the background for a book about what happens when we come to the understanding that we need forgiveness, that we are a mess and our only hope is in Christ.

A couple of years ago I read the Prodigal God by Keller and I found myself unintentionally going back to Keller’s book as I read AHA. It isn’t an indictment on Idleman’s book but Keller’s book was the first I had read on the biblical account of the Prodigal son. While I enjoyed both books, I enjoyed how personable and all the illustrative stories from Kyle’s life that he shared with us. Also being a Generation X’er myself I found his life experience hit very close to home. Idleman book spans three big moments in the life of the prodigal. Awakening, Honesty and Action. AHA.

1 thing that will make you a more effective leader


Rereading “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker the thing that I keep coming back to is what he says about the difference between manual workers and knowledge workers.

Drucker says manual workers are concerned with being efficient, knowledge workers must be consumed with being effective.

The one thing that will make me a more effective leader is asking myself “Am I being efficient or am I being effective.”

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.
Peter Drucker

Effectiveness is a byproduct of doing the right things.

As a boss am I asking for effectiveness and rewarding efficiency?As a parent am I efficient with my time more than effective with my convictions?
As a husband do I effectively listen to my wife or efficiently listen?
As a follower of Christ am I efficient in my love of others or am I effective?

Sally Lloyd-Jones on Christian worldview for kids


“Try Grammarly’s plagiarism checker free of charge because as I have famously said to error is human; to forgive, divine.”

“If a child is engaged by a story nothing else competes” – Sally Lloyd-Jones

Stories are powerful we forget this, Jesus did not but we do. We get distracted by the shiny things that are intended to enhance stories not replace them. I know for me as someone who is a lover of technology and is an early adopter. Nothing replaces a good story. Never forget that. No icon, no game, no app replaces a story.

My New eBook: The Student and Kids Curriculum Guide


When looking for curriculum, which one is the right one?

I get this question more than most. Increasingly, I am asked by senior pastors, a pastor find the best fit for your church. There is no perfect curriculum. Finding curriculum that fits the needs of the families you serve in they have to put each curriculum choice through a series of filters. The one that best fits with their church cultures is the one they should select. In the following pages, I will discuss these filters in greater depth. The good news is that there are more amazing curriculums than ever before available to pastors.

In this eBook I attempt to help you figure out what curriculum is right for you. My goal is two-fold. 1. That churches would find the right curriculum based on how they do ministry not based on what’s popular. 2. that curriculum companies would benefit from churches who are using their curriculum in the proper context.

I hope you find this ebook helpful in evaluating the curriculum you are using and before you switch to something else. To buy the eBook click on the buy now button below.

It is remarkable that the Scriptures talk so often about “forbearance.” They are capable of expressing the whole work of Jesus Christ in this one word. “Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases … upon him was the punishment that made us whole” (Isa. 53).15 Therefore, the Bible can characterize the whole life of the Christian as carrying the cross. It is the community of the body of Christ that is here realized, the community of the cross in which one must experience the burden of the other. If one were not to experience this, it would not be a Christian community.

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer