Where should I send my kid to school?

I first asked this question 3 years ago. I found that people very passionately defend where they have their kids. I know some people who feel public school is the only way, other homeschool and still others Christian education. One thing I found found very interesting is that often times parents want to protect their kids from the things they experienced at the schools they attended. The parents who went to public school knew what public school was like and didn’t want that for their kids and  were more likely to want to send their kids to private school and kids who went to private school knew what private school was like and didn’t want that for their kids and were more likely to send their kids to public school.

I struggled with this decision for my oldest son who is going into first grade next year and I am still struggling with it for my middle boy who is going into Pre-K next year. Why do I struggle? Well growing up we moved A LOT. When I say a lot I mean I went to 9 different schools in 13 years. I went to Public, Christian, ACE school, and though I wasn’t home schooled my parents home schooled my youngest sister for a few years. Beyond that I have been a kids pastor in the same church for 14 years. So I have seen the good the bad the ugly when it comes to how parents decide where to school their kids.

We are at that place again in our home as I am sure many of you are. Where should I send my kid to school? I think this is a huge issue every family faces. What if we as kids pastors partnered with parents to help them the best decision for their kids. I don’t know how that would work but I think honestly discussing the options are a good starting point.

In the next few days I want to talk about the reasons why you should and shouldn’t send your kids where you send them.

Another blogger friend of mine who has an amazing parenting blog called EpicParent.tv talked about this very topic yesterday. He tackles this very debate over there.

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