Free Bible Lesson: 1 & 2 Chronicles

1 & 2 Chronicles

– Book of Israel’s History

Key Point –Difference between good and bad kings
Memory Verse – Acts 13:22 “…God said about David ‘David the son of Jesse is the kind of person that pleases me most! He does everything I want him to.’”

Skit – Have people come out and act like a king – kids guess which is good or bad – Have people come out with crowns on their head doing something either good or bad, the bad king could say something like lets all bow down to the giant chocolate bunny, the good king will say why don’t we worship Jesus. The bad king does obvious bad things the good kind does obvious good things.

Skit – Who you listen to – makes you a good or bad king. – Interview each one and find out the differences between good and bad kings – Have one person be the host of a “talk show format type thing”. His two guests are a good king and a bad king. Have the interviewing host asking questions finding the difference from good and bad kings. (questions could include things like: Who do you talk to most, who do you listen to most, what do you do for fun)

Object Lesson – Soap & pepper – as soon as the soap hits the water the pepper scatters – you will need a glass pan fill it with water place it on the overhead projector, pour pepper over all the water it should cloud up and appear much darker than before the pepper was placed on the water explain how when we sin it clouds our heart and when Jesus comes in he brings life and Joy that push away darkness. To push away the pepper as you are explaining what Jesus does when he comes into your life drop a few drops of dish soap all the pepper should automatically go to the edges.

Object Lesson – Light overcomes the darkness. – turn down the lights and ask the kids if they think that darkness is stronger or if light is stronger? (let them answer) Tell them that light always overcomes darkness. The Bible tells us that greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world.

Puppet – Puppet comes up with a crown on it’s head the MC greets the puppet and the MC asks the puppet if he is a good king or a bad king the puppet asks what’s the difference. The MC explains the difference between a good and bad kind is how much you love Jesus. Good kings love Jesus a lot bad kinds don’t love Jesus at all.

Bible Story

1 Chron. 15 – David bringing back the ark. – Was a man after God’s own heart.
2 Chron. 28 – Ahaz – Evil king set up places to worship other gods

1. Good kings – Obey quickly/ Evil kings – do whatever they want to do. – If you want to be a man or woman after God’s heart you have to be a person who obeys quickly. Someone who finds out what God wants you to do and do it quickly.
2. Good kings – know how to say they are sorry/ Evil kings – never admit they are wrong. – Was David perfect? No he made plenty of mistakes what made him different from evil kings like Ahaz is David knew how to ask forgiveness when he made a mistake, he knew he needed God’s forgiveness of his sin.
3. Good kings – Trust God/ Evil kings – Trust themselves. – To be a man or woman after God’s heart you have to trust God not yourself.

Small Group

Activity –
Bring some things that taste good (Sugar, Sweet Chocolate) and some things that taste bad (Salt, Bitter Baking Chocolate). Have four kids come forward and give them each one thing to taste. Two will get what is good two will get what is bad explain to the kids after they have tasted their items that you can’t always judge what someone is like from the out side (because salt and sugar look alike, sweet chocolate and bitter baking chocolate look alike). You tell weather someone is good or bad by seeing how they live their life.

Do you know someone who is a bad person?
What are they like?
Do you like being around them?
Do you know someone who is a good person?
What are they like?
Do you like being around people that are good?
Was Jesus good or bad?
Are we suppose to be like Jesus?
10.What is one thing you can do this week that is good not bad?

New podcast over at

Funny last week I was wondering if anyone was doing a children’s ministry podcast, I only know of one or two. That same week Tony Kummer called me and asked if I could do an interview with him. He did the first episode with Amy Fenton Lee that’s definitely worth a listen. So last week I recorded a phone interview with Tony Kummer over at Head on over and check it out.

Retro Post: Should kids bring their Bible's to church.

*I did this post over two years ago, I never got much (actually got zero) feedback. I am interested to hear what the Kidmin community has to say.

I have been going over all our processes. One of them is how, why, when should we be giving rewards for certain behavior.

I have two pet peeves that will be finally put to rest.

1. We will NOT give kids extra points/bucks whatever for bringing a friend. (how do you think that first time guest feels, I would guess like a 5 foot trout, or 10 point buck.) [Update: we do give points when kids bring their friends what we do is weight the points so the person coming feels more special than the person who brought them.]

2. We will NOT be giving kids points/bucks for bringing their Bible. This may be a bit controversial but I believe that by rewarding kids for bringing their bibles but never using them teaches them to “look like” a Christian instead of acting like one.

I am going to send out a weekly bible reading plan. If they read all the verses at home they get extra points/bucks. [we have stuck with this and have seen great results]

I think that unfortunately powerpoint has made bringing your Bible to church a status symbol vs. a functional tool. The other thing that has affected group reading of the bible on the weekend is the rise of multiple translations.

I believe learning to read the Bible for yourself is the most import tool these kids need.

Tell me what you think? Should kids bring their bibles to church?