What we can learn from Steve Job's Keynotes

I remember the day I stopped using a PC forever. It was a glorious day. I had always loved computers my dad bought a PAL286 (you heard me 286 as in 286mb’s of beige box goodness. He was told by the guy at Office Max that “That was all the hard drive space he would ever need) right around the time Al Gore invented the internet. I used a PC all through college and two years into being a kids pastor until one day I wanted to make a video of our kids coming home from camp the Youth ministry bought two Macs from that day on I never owned a PC again.

In my journey as a mac fanboi I have come to admire the cult that Job’s has created. He could announce the smallest detail of one of his amazing products and the crowed would clap and cheer like a Canadian who just won a gold metal. I have always been amazed by that. I think part of the reason is Job’s is the closest thing we will ever have to Willy Wonka in real life. He is part boy, part genius and part creepy and I love him.

His keynotes are always amazing but follow a very predictable pattern:

1. He builds anticipation –

2. He starts every talk with wins. What is working well.

3. Starts with small bits of info

4. Builds to the big reveal of the next item to take Apple forward

5. Recaps what he talked about.

He stays true to his values lets simplicity speak for itself. Shows you how to practically implement it in your daily life without overwhelming you with slides, facts and figures.

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