The pursuit of happiness.

When I was growing up my mom often told me,  “If you have low expectations, you are rarely disappointed.”   I have found this to be helpful. There is always something else that you need, want, desire (every year apple comes out with a new iPhone). The key to contentment is to be grateful, and have low expectations.

One of the lies that we are sold is that you will never be content or successful if you have low expectations;  that we need to strive to be famous and strive to be known. To me, success isn’t measured by how many people visit your blog, how many conferences you speak at, how many fans you may or may not have.  Contentment comes from deep, meaningful relationship; everything else is bonus.

I rarely get disappointed, anxious, or jealous (believe me I have other things I deal with). I think realistic expectations and being grateful for the blessings in my life are key.  A recent study was done trying to find the happiest place on earth. Despite so many Americans pursuing for “happiness”,  the US came in at number 23.  Here in the  clip below, 60 Minutes takes a look at the findings of that study.

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