Innovative tool for Children's ministry

I came across this app when our video guy mentioned it. I thought I would check it out. Am I glad I did. Square is a ministry/small business tool you can’t shouldn’t live without. It is an application that turns your iPhone, android, iPad device into a credit card machine. You plug in a small “Square” card reader (that they send you for free) into the audio jack download the app. pay a small fee for each transaction and the best part is you don’t need a payment gateway so anyone can do it. It goes right in to the bank account you verified with square.

Think off all the uses.

  • Selling candy bars for a fundraiser
  • Doing a car wash that accepts cash or credit
  • Accepting payments for camp
  • Selling tee-shirts after church
  • Taking credit cards at your garage sale

What uses could you think of?

7 thoughts on “Innovative tool for Children's ministry”

  1. Wow…seriously…I have to sit for a minute to let the implications of this technology totally sink in. This could profoundly alter our fundraising methods.

    Thanks for sharing Sam!

  2. This would be a no-go at our church. We do NOT accept credit card payments for any reason. Only checks, cash, and ACH withdrawals.

    It's a conviction area for our church, as we don't want to tempt people to add to their debt obligations. And yes I know that debit cards are not debt, but if they really want to pay they will find other means. Is that strange, or what?

    1. I see what you are saying. I use my debit card for things at church just because it's easier. I can see how some people would use a actual credit card. I just think that we need to think through how we do things as a church. Seems like to me the church is always about 5-10 years behind technology. In todays day and age I'm not sure that's a good thing. I do respect your church for having such a strong conviction on this.

    1. I believe any card with a visa/mastercard etc symbol works. It does take a little while to get the reader in the mail but yes could be a great way to help take payment for camps, do fundraisers etc.

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