Practically Improving Preschool.

Improving you first look environment.

About the Presenter – Kendra Fleming is one of my favorite kids pastors.
1. I love Northpoint church
2. I have been blown away by her willingness to help out other kids pastors.
3. Love her blog – I always say it is one of my favorites. I love how her blog is written from in the trenches and offers practical help that is scalable. You can use it.
Why I picked this. – We just started to use My First Look at our church and I am looking for practical suggestions on how to make our small groups better.
Here are a couple things that stood out to me.
Small group.
  • Have consistency.
  • Introduce your kids  to their small group leaders –
  • 8-10 small group kids in preschool is a great small group number.
Large group –
  • Teach one thing at a time.
  • You need to repeat repeat – They like knowing the answer –
  • Get your story tellers to stick to a script.
  • Internalized the content.
Training –
  • Don’t just tell people what to do tell them why
  • when people don’t get here on time – your kids have to wait – always explain things in the context of vision.
  • Cast vision for why talk about How.
  • Training should be inspirational and practical – don’t give them 15 things to do give them 1 or 2 things.
  • Feedback on consistent basis – if it’s random it feels random. –
  • Make a video of standard motions to songs. You can even use your computers webcam to do this.
  • Pick one thing to do when you go home – DO ONE THING once you have one thing down do the next thing.

It's going to get noisy over the next few days.

You have been warned.

I ment to do this last year but forgot and got a good amount of feedback from my non-kid ministry followers on twitter. I will be going to a Conference this week in Atlanta GA. I will be blogging and tweeting for the conference so my twitter feed and blog will be getting a bit noisier than usual.

Let me me help you. I found a little twitter application called Muuter. You can turn off my tweets for a few days instead of un-following me.

If you are in kid’s ministry I hope to bring you all the 411 on Orange. Should be fun!

YouTube Friday: Stuff Men Like

Men have a few very basic things they need in life. A couple of those things are satire and video games. This weeks YouTube friday offers both. It is brought to you by the lovely people over at The Thursday Blog. (Yes YouTube Friday is such an internet sensation I now have sponsors lining up, act quickly perhaps you can sponsor a future YouTube Friday) Enjoy this weeks installment of YouTube Friday!

If I didn't work there I'd attend there: Redeemer Church

One of the highest compliments you can give a church is that if you didn’t work there you would attend there. I know there are many people who can’t say that about where they presently work. I don’t think I could ever work someone I wouldn’t feel comfortable attending if I didn’t work at that particular church.

As a church leader it’s an important question to ask because if you find yourself saying you wouldn’t feel comfortable attending the church you serve you need to get busy making change happen or you need to change where you work. It’s really that simple.

I am going to mention a few churches I would attend if I didn’t work there this is by no means a comprehensive list partly because I haven’t visited every church out there partly because I don’t have time to list every church. It’s ment to be more of a list based on principles I value.

The first church I’d attend even if I worked there (which I do) my church.

Why I would attend Redeemer.

1. They value children and youth ministry. – It is something that is more than lip service or a stated value on our website. It is part of who are pastor is and he is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next generation not just talk about it. That is something that means the world to me as a Father first and a children’s pastor second.

2. They are passionate about reaching people far from God. – One of the reasons we renamed our church Redeemer Church is because it describe who we are as a church and at the same time exalts Christ.

3. They are not afraid of change and mistakes are welcomed. – I have been to churches and been part of churches were change is the enemy and mistakes are punished. I have found that you can’t truly find who you are in Christ without some level of risk and you will never be willing to risk if you are going to punished for mistakes.

4. It is a charismatic church that is passonate about reaching seekers in practical ways. I know that may sound strange but it’s true. One of the things I think every charismatic church can and should learn from our Baptist brothers is that Jesus heartbeat was lost souls. His final words were Go not soak.

What about you? Why what church would you attend and why?

YouTube Friday: Sign that the Apocalypse is near

A three year old girl crying over Justin Bieber and then is awarded a trip to California to meet him. Wow. I guess my take away from this little video is kids (like adults I might add)  crave what they consume. It’s so important especially in the digital age we live in that we are teaching kids how to have a healthy balance to what they consume digitally.