Stuff Children's Pastors like #103

When the lightbulb comes on.

One of the things that Children’s pastors like is when the lightbulb comes on. If you ever ask a children’s pastor what their favorite thing about being a children’s pastor is they will invariably say “I love seeing the light come on in a child’s eyes when teaching them about God” I to like this but have started thinking about ways that we can mix it up a bit due to overuse of the the lightbulb analogy and the lack of specificity it provides.

I have a few ideas of things we can add into our vocabulary as children’s pastors other than “The lightbulb coming on”

I love it when the glow stick snaps – This metaphor would be best to describe how kids are to be hearer and doers. In a glow stick the two chemicals that glow are separated by a small glass wall once that wall is broken your stick starts glowing. The world of God is what breaks that barrier in kids minds between being hearers an doers of the word.

I love it when the bug gets zapped – This metaphor speaks of when wrong ideas about God, church and religion get zapped by the truth of God’s word.

I love it when lightning strikes – This one should be used sparingly for obvious reasons. Mostly because parents could misinterpret this one for evil.

I love it when a torch gets lit – This one speaks more about kids learning about God though things that don’t use electricity such as flannel graphs and puppets.

Undercover Boss: Systems matter

In watching Undercover Boss each week one of the things I find to be a common thread is that breakdowns in an organization occur where there are no systems in place to carry out great ideas.

I love good ideas. I love creative concepts but anyone working more than one day in kids ministry understands that if you don’t have a system in place you are never going to grow your capacity. Where there are no systems in place great ideas give birth to frustration rather than fruition.

When I begin something new here are the steps I usually take to put systems in place

1. What needs to stay what needs to change – I try to assess this through prayer and talking to the people who are most involved in the process I am evaluating

2. What are the jobs or task that need to be created to accomplish the overall vision

3. What is the best way to create a structure that can not only survive but thrive when I am not present

4. How can I create organizational clarity – I am a big fan of, job descriptions and check lists and am working on creating a new form of a procedures manual that is actually usable.

5. How can I pete and repete the vision of our church in the context of what we are doing in that particular department or ministry.

6. Recruit with vision and have a place for anyone and know where to place everyone. (Never recuit out of need, people don’t like to join a sinking ship) Launch

Wow! What an incredible sense of God’s presence at‘s launch this weekend. We officially changed the name of our church from Mt. Zion Ministries to Redeemer Church and It’s been awesome to hear the stories of folks who had invited their unsaved family and friends. God is doing some powerful things in the Northeast!

So many great stories of people coming to our church and getting connected. One family found our church by “accident” and was blown away.  A man shared how his life is now beginning to come back together after experiencing redemption and forgiveness.   Yet another family expressed how much their kids loved Uptown (we actually set a new attendance record in Uptown) and how they couldn’t wait to come back next week.  Over 40 people became members of our Redeemer Church family today. These are just a few of the stories of peoples’ lives who have been impacted by your love and sacrifice. This is why we do what we do. I love my church and am honored to part of a team of staff and volunteers who’s heart beats for those in need of the Redemptive work of a Savior.

Great weekend, but best of all it is God who is glorified.

Job 19:25-26
25 “But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives,
and he will stand upon the earth at last.

26 And after my body has decayed,
yet in my body I will see God!

Me David Them Goliath!

Well we are now in our third week of the epic struggle of good vs. good. 64 bloggers started off to claim the title of soul survivor. It is down to the final four. I am honored to be this far and could not have done so with out your help.I need your help once more.

The cards are stacked against me I am up against not one but three giants. A blogger from one of the worlds biggest Islands, a blogger formerly employed by one of our nations biggest churches, and lastly a blogger from our nations biggest state (sorry Alaska I’m speaking continentally)

So that leaves little me. David searching social media for three small smooth stones.

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YouTube Friday: Why I don't use puppets.

I actually do use puppets but am very limited and very specific in how I use them. I often get asked why I don’t use puppets with older kids I always say “Hensen”. They usually come back with “The boy band”. I say no, Hensen not Hanson.

I now have a new reason as to why I limit the use of puppets. It is demonstrated in today’s youtube video. I have seen many things in my years as a kids pastor but this has to be the most scary most weird exhibition of religious puppetry I have seen in my entire life. Let me warn you that you may not be able to look at a puppet in the same way again. You also may not sleep for about 3 days. With all my warnings properly given there is only one thing left to say……enjoy.