Guest Blogger: Introducing Funny Man Dan.

I remember the first time I saw Funny Man Dan on a Hillsong Kids DVD. I thought to myself man this guy is funny, my suspicions were confirmed when my son said “Dad you are funny but not as funny as Funny Man Dan”. I was crushed (not really) but rebounded nicely. I remember when he first started twittering and we connected online. The more we connected online the more I realized that there was more to Dan than jokes.

He is a man who is passionate about a few things, his God, his princess and his kids, Hillsong Kids and now his own little princess. He has a amazing world famous blog, The Thursday Blog. Once a week (brilliant blog idea, only needing content for one good post a week wish I would have thought of that one. 🙂 he posts a post that is his very funny take on life. I am thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross as I gleen from his take on Kids ministry, Comedy and now child raising. Should be a hooot.

If you arn’t following Dan you need to be.

Blog – The Thursday Blog
Twitter – @funnymandan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-28

Looking to next year: Conferences

Can’t believe I am typing these words already but 2009 is coming to a close rather quickly. One of the things I am doing for 2010 and 2011 is look and plan further out so that the weeks, months and years don’t slip by without intentional thought put into them as to what I am praying God will do in that time.

The first thing I want to address is conferences. In a time where budgets are getting smaller and conferences budgets seem to be the first to take a hit. I think it is more important than ever that you take a look at what is out there and weigh the good and the bad of each.  So let me tell you about where I am going this year and why.

Napkin Conference – I love the vision of this conference. To be a conference that is more about helping people clairify and even facilitate the dreams, ideas and visions God has given folks to do ministry different. As I look at everyone who is going to be speaking two things stand out to me. 1. They almost all children’s pastors currently serving in a local church. I am a huge fan of hearing other kids guys who are still doing the work of the ministry not just retelling war stories of years past. To me how many of the speakers are currently pastors is a major part of what makes me decide to go to a conference. I am a huge believer in the local church. I believe that the church is God’s idea and is the vehicle he uses to reach a lost and dying world. Did I mention that it was in Vegas, includes a Vegas show in the registration. It should be a hoot can’t wait to see some old friends and make some new ones. 10$ Reserves your spot sign up now! Make sure you tell them Sam sent you.

Pipeline Conference – This is a regional conference our church does. The primary purpose is training for our own people the secondary purpose is to be a regional resource to our area. I believe that there will be more of these in the future. If the economy continues to sour expect many more of these to pop up all over.

Orange Conference – I am going to orange this year again for me it is an opportunity to network with other kids people. I love hear how and what other kids guys/gals are doing. I also love how Orange is all about leveraging our influence to build with the families we serve. That the family is more important that any program we do. Just like the local church, I believe that family is ordained by God and family is microcosm of the church, that a church is only as strong and as powerful as the families that comprise it. Orange gets this. The people from the ReThink group are amazing people, I can’t wait to see them again. Lastly I am a huge Andy Stanley Fanboy. I am hopping to stick around after the Orange conference to catch a service at North Point.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-21

  • RT @kennyconley: CMO: #kidmin Email yourself… in the future! /// Great Scott Marty! #
  • Reformatted my iPhone it is WAY faster, and less buggy. #
  • RT @jwmoss: @samluce reformat or restore??/// Restore actually, my bad #
  • Why is it that I like every kind of music including Taylor Swift but loath Rap and hardcore? #
  • The Best of New York City – #kidmin #NYC #fb #
  • Bout to watch Nacho Libre with my sons. What an amazing piece of film. #fb #
  • I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny. I will have my glory day in the hot sun. @nacholibre #fb #
  • RT @funnymandan: It Has Begun /// WooooooooHooooooo! Congrats FMD! #kidmin #cmconnect #
  • RT @funnymandan My Princess is amazing and doing fine. I am now wondering like crazy if it is a Boy or a Girl! #ithasbegun // It is a girl #
  • RT @funnymandanITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! /// I knew it! She's beautiful you both are so blessed. Life will never be the same. Congrats my friend. #
  • RT @napkinideas: NapkinConf is limited to the 1st 400 #kidmin. Signups going fast. Reseve ur spot today 4 just $10 @ #
  • RT @evernote: Using Evernote 2 create the ultimate post-conference reference guide: //Gr8 tips for #kidmin conferences #
  • Managing a project in google wave. Great info for all #kidmin #
  • Sometimes I wonder if I am the only #kidmin who edits children's curriculum while listening to punk rock. #
  • You #kidmin people are to funny. With all your musical taste but @mikeshipman Celine? Really? And @jonathancliff yes indie folk is strange #
  • Very tired and it's only Wed. = not good! #fb #
  • RT @jackalopekid: it's the same deal, just doesn't let u add stuff to it. Weird /// Hate it already. Look at us we sound like FaceBookers #
  • Guest Blogging for FMD: The complications of multiplication #kidmin #cmconnect #fb #
  • Almost home long day. Had some amazing meetings with @hayesandrew and the Albany team. It a blessing to serve in #kidmin with them. #
  • RT @d_w_scott: You girly #kidmin 's listen to your Indie Folk. I'm working to P.O.D. today. ///// Ha! Rock it Dave! Love it! #
  • RT @funnymandan: @evastringleman Never knew u were a 1 blog girl? If that's the case drop me and @samluce & stick w/ @kidinspiration /agreed #
  • Does anyone know where I can buy CD's of Orange conference general sessions and breakouts? #orangetour @OrangeLeaders @danscott77 @cnieuwhof #
  • Painting and listening to @jimwideman 's club lessons. #kidmin #

Guest Blogging for FMD today

I had the pleasure, honor to guest blog for a friend of mine Dan lee-Archer most of us know him as FMD. Until about 2 years ago I thought the only people who ever said “I made this friend on the internet” were either a scum bag or a massive nerd with no life whatsoever. I guess I by virtue of not being a scum bag must have no life whatsoever.

I connected with FMD via twitter and blogging. The more I get to know Dan the more I am blown away by his passion for his family, his church and hillsong kids. Dan is an amazing leader and through a thin vail of humor is a heart of gold.

His wife is due 2 weeks ago literally so he asked me to step in and fill his rather large and somewhat smelly blogging shoes. My attempt at doing so is entitled “The Complications of Multiplication.” I hope you enjoy it.

Stay Loose,