Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #2 Jim Wideman

I remember when I first met Jim Wideman, I was very new in kids ministry and I was blown away with what God did at Church On The Move. I was amazed at the environments Brother Jim had created and the team he had built.

I was so blessed by Brother Jim’s ministry and was challenged by God to not settle for what always had been done and my eyes where opened to what kids ministry outside of the box looked like. After spending a week at with the Church On The Move staff, I went home challenged and impressed with Brother Jim’s leadership.

This year I enrolled in Infuse and have gotten to know Brother Jim personally over the past few months and he is still the same guy I met many years ago. Brother Jim is an amazing leader and if you are a kids pastor and have never ever heard of, read about or talked to someone who mentioned Brother Jim you must be a youth pastor (ha). I appreciate and value what Brother Jim has to say because I believe he has stayed in kids ministry despite many people persuading him to “Do real ministry” and become a Lead pastor. I know that he hears God’s voice and obeys HIs leading. I have met his family and they are the real fruit of his ministry to be successful in any area of life and still have a family that loves and respects you is no small feat. Lastly I appreciate Brother Jim because he is a what we call in NY “a chops buster” nothing is sacred and you need to be on your A game. He just loves life.

I truly believe that Brother Jim is a voice pouring into the next generation of kids ministry. He is using what God has given him to multiply his impact and I am challenged by his life and example daily.

You may say that’s great for you but how do I get to know brother Jim. (I assure you this is not a commercial just practical suggestions to stalk brother Jim without being a stalker.)

1. Read his books – I know for me I have many of my questions answered that I would ask someone if I ever met them by just reading the books they write. IMHO his Children’s Ministry Leadership book by group is a MUST read for every kids pastor especially if you are new to kids ministry.

2. Go to his breakouts at conferences he speaks at. He is going to be at Napkin this year. It is going to be a kids conference like no other don’t miss it.

3. Join “The Club” he does a monthly leadership podcast full of kid ministry leadership goodness. If you are under 30 it is free.

4. Follow Him on Twitter – @jimwideman

5. Join CMconnect and send him a message. For as busy as he is I am amazed at how much he cares enough to answer questions people ask him.

6. Join Infuse – It is a personal discipleship group where he will take you and about 20 other kids leaders through leadership principles that will help you grow as a leader plus you will get to know leaders from all over the country. I love his passion and candor in our discussions. I am really enjoying Infuse so far it’s sort of a Jimwideman backstage pass.

Well that’s my case why Jim Wideman should be the #2 Kids ministry resource.

Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #3 Google Wave

I realize that it isn’t out yet. But after watching the preview for Google Wave I really think that they are on to something. I think email needs innovation because it isn’t collaborative enough and because young people don’t use it.

For me as a kids pastor I would use this all the time, and can’t wait till it is released. I have signed up to beta test twice.

Here is how I plan on using it.

1. Project management
2. Online collaboration
3. Email
4. Follow Up
5. Perhaps even kids ministry training

To me when I see a tool like this I see endless possibilities of how this can help me multiply my efforts and be more effective in what I do.


We just completed another successful open house. I am so proud of my team they did an amazing job. We blew up hundreds of balloons (well mostly them as one of the few fears I have in life is popping balloons.) The service when great, lots of new kids on the dance team, loads of new families stopped by to check out Uptown. Lots of new applications filled out to help in Uptown.

I find it so fulfilling to be a part of something much bigger than me. I am so amazed at what God has done last year and am so excited to see where he will take us this year.

Thanks again to everyone who made the Uptown Open house a success. I am amazed by your dedication to create environments where life change can happen in the life of a child. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And for all of you sitting on the sidelines wondering if what Uptown is all about, jump in you won’t regret it.

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Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #4 Andy Stanley's leadership Podcast

I am an unashamed Andy Fan. If it wasn’t borderline idolatrous I would start and Andy Stanley fan club. You might be from another planet and say to yourself “I don’t think I have ever heard of Andy Stanley” let me tell you why you as a kids pastor need to listen to his leadership podcast.

1. He’s intensely Clear – I think the fact that he picks one idea unpacks it in a fun, relevant life transforming way is an absolute example of how you as a kids pastor need to communicate to your kids and leaders alike

2. He’s Completely practical – This is where the wheels come off most Bible communicators. For some reason unknown to me preachers often feel the more mystical we sound the smarter we are. I say phooy (that’s right I just typed phooy…twice) If people don’t know what to do with what you just taught them they will NEVER live it out.

3. He’s Universally applicable – I think the leadership principles not only apply to Lead pastors but to anyone leading someone. (which we should all be doing, by the way.)

If you are a leader you need to procure this podcast! It is by far my favorite. Below is the link to the podcast

Andy Stanley’s leadership Podcast