Kids Ministry – Perception Vs. Reality.

I think every church has at minimum a perceived value of kids and families. What churches do is the difference between perceived and actual values.

There are a few things that churches do many times without realizing it that in my opinion make kids ministry a perceived value and not an actual value.

1. Have a church choir – There is no greater kids volunteer killer than an adult choir.

2. Have Adult sunday school going on at the same times as kids sunday school – I think teaching being done in small groups or doing sunday school different is the solution to this one.

3. Have childcare for every function in the church and make it the kids pastors’ job to find help and oversee it. – Doing this burns out the very volunteers you need to make the weekend impacting as well as bog down your kids ministry with more administration.

4. When the amount of kids coming means more than the quality of the experience and the amount of life change – measure your wins carefully and purposefully.

Are all the above bad in and of themselves. No. To me they just say that kids and families are not one of our main things and thats fine. I just think that churches need to clarify more because no one can value 20 things. There is a huge difference between perception and actuality.

If children and families are a value in your church do what you need to, to empower your Kids team to turn perception into reality.

VBS all year round?

I recently attended a VBS put on by another church in our area. Our church doesn’t do VBS but I like taking my boys if I can. As I was sitting in the back observing the thought came to me

“Why don’t churches treat each weekend like it was VBS?”

What if we:

1. Advertised – Every good VBS spends time and energy to get the word out about what your programing is and who is welcome. There are flyers, word of mouth, Web addresses. What would happen if we did this for the weekend?

2. Mobilized Volunteers – I noticed some volunteers at this VBS that seemed fresh. Most kids pastors put a huge push for VBS volunteers. What if people served on the weekend who are outside of who we would normally ask because we made a push.

3. Have a Team for followup

4. Have interactive Large Group

5. Have interactive small Group

6. Move the kids from station to station.

7. Have all the workers wear Tee Shirts that Identify them as staff.

How can we get churches to see the value of doing these things every weekend and not just one week during the summer?