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I love working together with other churches and love hearing what God is doing in other churches and celebrating with them.

Like Hillsong I am a huge Lifechurch fan. I love their philosophy. I was blessed to meet Craig and was very impressed.

I had the opportunity yesterday of meeting with Josh and Sarah from the Lifechurch campus in Albany NY. It was great hearing how they are growing and reaching people for Christ. They were very gracious in answering all of our questions and it was just fun hearing the good things God is doing in and through them.

I, like Ed Young, love asking questions. Why? Because I don’t have all the answers and I want to more effective in all that we do in each of our 3 campus. So I asked loads of questions and had loads more as I thought about everything we talked about over lunch.

Sarah Kingsbury is the Children’s Pastor at the Lifechurch Albany Campus. She has a great heart and a real passion for reaching families for Christ.

They are actually doing a “Lifekids Wired” event this weekend. There will be lots of fun, games and prizes. So if you live in the Albany area and are looking for a good church make sure you check it. If you have a good church join me in praying for God to do amazing things for Sarah and her team this weekend.

Links I like


Here are Links I have been liking lately.

How to speak in Pirate. – Pirate translator

Turn any photo into a vector file

Global Rich list – See how rich you are compared to the rest of the world

Free script to password protect your web pages,

Blue Letter Bible Great Online Bible study tool

Cool little font site

Zoho – tons of great stuff there most recently liking the Creator app.

Love Apple – but google is very cool

YouTube Friday: Stash-Tober

A few years back me some of my friends engaged in a “Tom Selleck Classic” we all grew mustaches and the person with the most disgusting mustache won. It was a fun, creepy weird time in my life, I don’t like talking about it. Please don’t be offended mustache people but there has always been something a bit creepy about a mustache to me. I don’t know why.

Anywho I was reading Gina’s blog and came across this video of staffers from her church ( who grew mustaches, it definitely made me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

(BTW my fav’s in case you are wondering: Creepy award goes to the blond guy and the devil)

Wicked Mustaches from kevin ely on Vimeo.

Bible Bucks 21st Century Style.

I wanted to write a kids ministry post it has been a little while. Lots going on in the world of sports and politics.

A little while back we had quite the debate going about the evils and virtues of bible bucks. I wrote my position where I stood at the time as I was contemplating what to do about our incentive program. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I met with our Assistant Pastor to talk about our bible bucks program that we will be launching very soon. We decided after that meeting to be a bit more aggressive with our program, bigger prizes, more points for things.

I was excited but wasn’t sure what to do. I have done, money, tokens, stamp books everything there is I have done it.
All of those things have the same major drawbacks:

1. Bucks are lost – kids lose points
2. Bucks are stolen – this is an unfortunate reality the more we can remove temptation the better
3. Bucks are forged – kids are smart, have come a cross plenty of forged Bible bucks in my day.

Enter stickystreet.

If you are looking for a progressive alternative to Bible Bucks here it is.

What is it? – It is a web based (hooray for mac fans) costumer loyalty system.

How can I use it in our kids church? – Very simply pay a low fee based on the amount of kids you have and you can add and subtract points manually. If you want to speed the process you can assign a card with a barcode to each kid.

What if they lose their card? – you can reassign a new one the points are never lost.

What if it is stolen? – The name on the computer screen has to match the badge of the kid using the card.

It is a fantastic system and an answer to prayer. Our kids are going to love having their own cards to use at our store.

If you are using Bible Bucks it is time for an upgrade for more info on stickystreet click here. Tell Anthony I sent ya!

(Below are the two designs I have come up with for our cards let me know what you think.)