YouTube Friday: Hillsong Healer Correction

A couple of weeks ago I posted a youtube video from Hillsong. It has come to my attention that the author of the song was faking his terminal illness. Here is the article explaining it.

I am still a huge fan of Hillsong. I feel very badly especially for his wife and kids. I still believe every word that was written under false pretenses. Despite his obvious delusional state, every word he or someone who wrote that song “Healer” says about our God is true.

YouTube Friday: Worst Preacher Ever

Studying for my camp messages and a friend of mine told me about this video. I am not sure why, maybe to boost my confidence or keep me from preaching a similar message to 6th graders. Either way it’s a crazy video all I can say is WOW.

(Brief disclaimer if you are in Bible College – Watch this video and do the exact opposite of what he does)

Change something

I have been doing a good amount of creative thought as well as a decent amout of writing. I have been in a creative rut brought on by a busyness, deadlines, and the cares of life.

How I get out of creative ruts.

Change location – get out of the office. Go somewhere different, perhaps a local coffee shop, a park, maybe a healing tree (vailed Michael Jackson referance)

Disconnect – Unplug all your stuff and sit think and pray old school. This one is the most difficult one for me.

Engage – talk to someone who has a different perspective or viewpoint than you. I always love seeing a problem or situation from another perspective.

True Fasting

True Fasting

One of my favorite writers is a man by the name of Brennan Manning. He has a powerful testimony but what I appreciate most about him is his ability to tap into the Nature of God our Father. He has a devotional that I enjoy immensely entitled “Refections For Ragamuffins”. The following is a devotion entitled “True Fasting”.

For the full article click here.