YouTube Friday: Hillsong Live – Healer

I came across this video from a couple of my blogger buddies, Jason and Gareth. Wow! Powerful stuff very moving. If you can watch the following videos and not be moved your God is to small.

The first video talks about what you will see in the second video make sure you watch both. Very moving. We truly serve a supernatural God. Never forget that.

Story behind The song

Song performed live at Hillsong.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Hillsong Live – Healer

  1. I came across this song a couple of days ago and was completely blown away by the story behind it. So powerful. I immediately googled to get the chords for it. I hadn’t seen the first video on here though – thanks for sharing!!

  2. OUR GOD IS SOOOO awesome….thanks for the great song…it really ministered to me….we miss you Pastor Sam…hope you had a great vacation!! Lori