Working Together 4 of 4 (Meet my Youth Pastor)

n657515256_2832481_8910His name is Mark Schilling he likes watching movies and taking long walks on the beach. Just kidding.

Mark is a great guy. He is actually the second Youth Pastor I have had the privilege of working with. There are many things that I appreciate about Mark.

His commitment to the local church

Mark is totally committed to the local church he wants to see our church and the church as a whole succeed. He is a gifted communicator and great leader. I love his strait-forward approach to life I learn from him each day. He is passionate about youth but also genuinely loves to see the smallest child to the oldest adult ministered to.

He is one of the funniest guys I know.

This may sound stupid but I really appreciate a well refined sense of humor and if you know Mark at all he has a God given ability to make a comment that I laugh about for days. (Really helpful during long staff meetings.)

He is a real person.

One of my spiritual gifts is the spotting of spiritual counterfeits. I can spot image managers a mile away. Needless to say I am not a fan of fake Pastors with an agenda. Mark is a genuine you can talk to him about deep spiritual things, personal things, and stupid stuff like “The Office”. I love that.

He is a man of intense faith.

A little over a year ago his daughter got sick. Very scary stuff. I say Mark grow in his faith through that crazy difficult time. God did a miracle in his daughter and in him.

Lastly he has a great family.

As a children’s pastor that is big to me. His wife is wonderful and his kids are a riot. It is a pleasure to work on the same team with him.

He also blogs check him out here.

Top 10 iPhone apps I use.

apple-iphone-404_677418cJust got my iPhone last week. It was crazy but well worth it. Read that story here.The web was all a flutter with the app store. I have found however that some of the touted apps from the app store don’t function as well as some iPhone specific web sites out there. Here are a few of my favorites thus far.

1. Mobile WordPress – WordPress is rumored to be working on a killer iPhone app. Untill then this works for short posts and checking stats

2. Hahlo – a mobile twitter client that I may like better than twitterific

3. Google talk – google talk optimized for your iPhone – very nicely done.

4. Remember the Cat – a free remember the milk iPhone app. works with remember the milk to do lists.

5. Mobile Zoho – What is zoho you ask – Think Microsoft office only free and not made by Microsoft (two of my favorite things.)

6. Google reader – again kudos google folks

7. Pinpoint – search for restaurants and entertainment options.

8. Facebook – I love the web app for iPhone much better than the app store app, by far.

9. OneTrip – Grocery list for iPhone –

10. TV Guide – This is a great little program to tell you what is on right now and in the future.

Let me know what your fav is and if I missed any applications that I don’t know about.