Books I read on vacation.

51bgnq8sybl_bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpgThe first book I read on vacation was how full is your bucket. It was a very simple book based on a very simple but powerful principle.

The more you fill the bucket of those around you the more your bucket is filled.

What I took away?

1. My praise of others needs to be more spacific and more personal.

2. I need to actually use the thank you cards in my desk

3. I need to stop assuming that people know how I feel and tell them.

4. We reproduce who we are. I want to be surrounded by people who see the best in me despite my failings so I learned I need to fill the buckets of others.

5. I very often do this more in my head. I think wow so-and-so when above and beyond. It doesn’t help anyone if I don’t verbalize it in a specific personal way.

To sum it all up it was a very good book. I like how easy it was to read how well he illistrated his points and you left with a specific plan of what you can do this week to implement what you learned. This book had a huge application up side. Many books are theory some are practical but the really good ones, the ones that make a difference are applicable.

Starting off right.

23263746.jpgHad a great weekend in children’s ministry. I got a chance to meet a great couple from Cornwall Canada. We had quite a few fantastic conversations about children’s ministry. I am very excited for them because they are starting from the ground up. They have the privilege to lay the foundation for the ministry to children at their church.

In talking to this couple I was reminded of the importance of revisiting where you have come from and the importance of starting off right.

I begin thinking what would I have wanted someone to tell me when I first started?

So here goes……

1. Vision – vision attracts volunteers more than need.

2. People Matter to God – never forget that God left the 99 to reach the 1.

3. Instruct, Model, and Inspect. -You get what you are. Model, Model, Model.

4. Mature yourself. – You need to spend time reading, listening, praying, and networking. Many children’s pastors aren’t able to be in service. Making maturity a priority is essential.

5. Be specific – People want to know what you want. Tell them and be specific. When you aren’t specific people have no choice but to fill in the blanks, created by your lack of specificity.

6. Have Fun – Kids church needs to be fun. So make it fun.

7. Life Transformation – Our goal in all we do is life transformation in children’s lives, in our volunteers and in our families.

8. The Pipeline works – You need to work well with the Pre-school ministry and the youth ministry.

9. Budget or No Budget Trust God.

10. Don’t get cynical. – Children’s ministry is so often out of sight out of mind. Do blame God don’t blame others. Children’s ministry today is where youth ministry used to be 15years ago. I believe children’s ministry is changing. People are seeing the importance of reaching kids. I believe that things are going to change. We need to be ready for the change!

YouTube Friday.

Where would we be without YouTube. YouTube is another reason why I love the web. You can find anything you want on YouTube. The opening to ALF the 80’s TV show. Various clips of your favorite actors or shows. Great stuff for sermon illustrations and general office fodder.

So to celebrate all that is great about YouTube I’ll share some of my favorite YouTube videos with you so you can laugh, cry, whatever is appropriate at the moment.

This one is from King of the Hill they talk about church from a perspective that is valuable to any Christian. How we do church matters!

Give it up. For Christ's Sake.

Just read a great post by Craig Groeschel. It is invaluable for leader but especially children’s workers. In children’s ministry you need so many volunteers to accomplish everything and if you don’t learn how to give up control you will never survive and you will never thrive. Make sure you read Craig’s blog post on control it’s excellent.

I know when I first started working in children’s ministry I did everything. It didn’t take long before I realized the power of team. We need to give up what we think we have to do for the cause of Christ. I have done a children’s worker take on Craig’s post.

1. Do you teach each week? – Give it up

2. Is it easier to do everything yourself then explain it to others? – Give it up

3. Are you to busy doing that you have no time to inspect what is going on? – Give it up

4. What are you doing that someone else can do? – Give it up.

5. If you left today would your ministry survive? If the the answer is no than you need to give up more control for the sake of Christ. What we do is more important than who we are.

Give it up! For Christ’s sake.