YouTube Friday: Chris Farley on First Time Guests

I love this one, another one of my favorites. It makes me think of how we treat first time guests when they come to our church.

1. Do we make sense? Are we speaking in jargon, insider language?

2. Do do things on Sunday morning out of tradition that have no function.

3. Do people feel comfortable

4. Do people want to comeback again.

Books I Read On Vacation: The Assult On Reason


One of the things that I in my old age have grown to love is reading books from people who I disagree with. I think it helps me separate what I really believe from what I believe because I have heard it talked about enough.

Why I liked this book. It further cemented in my mind that as a Christ follower I am not to be ignorant of what is going on in the world around me.

I like how this book made me realize that Al Gore and the democrats are accusing the Republicans of doing many of the very same things that the republicans accuse the democrats of doing.

This book made me realize afresh that many Christians waste to much time thinking politics will change our nation, it will not. We all must vote, yes. In my opinion Christians including myself have looked to politics far to much to solve the ills of society that only Christ can fix.

I liked this book because Al Gore had some excellent points and perspective I would have missed out on had I not read his book. His points about money and power corrupting our system where very good. His points on the affects of visual communication vs. written communication we fantastic.

There were a few things I didn’t like but I will not go into all of those. Al Gore considers himself a Christ follower and as one I felt he was borderline bitter in his tone and repeated dissent against this current administration.

I would definitely recommend this book. I learned a heap. Lastly just so you know my two favorite Presidents are Lincoln and Reagan, it’s a shame there aren’t more Republicans and Democrats like them.

30 Beautiful Years!

Today is my wife’s birthday. There is so much that I appreciate about her. She is such a blessing to my life and to our family. I thank God for special days like birthdays because they help to refocus us on the things that really matter. I appreciate all the time and energy my wife puts into the spirtual and physical wellbeing of our boys. I appreciate the selflessness in which she serves them. I appreciate he unique sense of style. I love that she is always trying to improve. I remember one time she made 4 different sets of brownies because she wanted them to be just right. She is Martha Stewart with a good personality and lack of criminal record. She is the best mom ever. I love her.

All of that aside what I love most about my wife is how much she loves me dispite my failings she loves me just how I am. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Baby I love you more today!

YouTube Friday: Juice Man in Context

There are certain people and certain things in life that just make you laugh, cry, and get warm fuzzies. When I grew up I watched In Living Color on a regular basis. Jim Carey was so funny in every skit he did from Vera Demilo to Fire Marshall Bill.

This video makes me laugh every time I see it. I have seen it plenty and still laugh every time I love it. What makes it funny is if you understand who Jim Carey is acting like. You appreciate the subtleties of his humor so much more when you understand the context.

Context is a powerful thing. How many times have you said “Oh so thats what they meant”. Relevance is a huge buzzword in church culture today. If people don’t understand were you are coming from and you don’t understand where they are, relevance will never happen.

How can we apply the power of God’s word to someones life in a way that is significant to them and by no means compromises the message of Christ? We need to understand their context and preach the word in a way that they can understand it’s context.

Anyway here are two very funny videos. They are both funny the first one is for context.

That was the real juice man: Jay Kordich. This next one is Jim Carey.