My New eBook: The Student and Kids Curriculum Guide


When looking for curriculum, which one is the right one?

I get this question more than most. Increasingly, I am asked by senior pastors, a pastor find the best fit for your church. There is no perfect curriculum. Finding curriculum that fits the needs of the families you serve in they have to put each curriculum choice through a series of filters. The one that best fits with their church cultures is the one they should select. In the following pages, I will discuss these filters in greater depth. The good news is that there are more amazing curriculums than ever before available to pastors.

In this eBook I attempt to help you figure out what curriculum is right for you. My goal is two-fold. 1. That churches would find the right curriculum based on how they do ministry not based on what’s popular. 2. that curriculum companies would benefit from churches who are using their curriculum in the proper context.

I hope you find this ebook helpful in evaluating the curriculum you are using and before you switch to something else. To buy the eBook click on the buy now button below.

Free Bible Lesson Zephaniah: Book of God’s Judgement

– Book of Day of Judgment
One day we will have to stand before God.

Key Point – God sees all we do and don’t do. Put your trust in God.
Memory Verse – 2 Chronicles 16:9”The Lord searches all the earth for people who have given themselves completely to him. He wants to make them strong…”

Free Curriculum from Hillsong Kids: iPromise


My friends over at Hillsong are giving away a curriculum series they came up with for their  Kidsong conference (a part of the wider Hillsong Conference), where they presented the theme of iPromise. A nine part series on the promises found in the word of God for our kids.

We have used Hillsong curriculum as a summer curriculum for a few years and our kids love it. The small groups are creative and engaging, the production value of their videos is among some of the best I’ve found in kids ministry curriculum.

Dave, Becki, Nathan, Dan and the team do a fantastic job. I had the pleasure of hanging with them this summer for a few days and I so moved by their down to earthiness and their passion for the local church. Love those guys!

If you have never used their curriculum before here is your chance to test drive 9 weeks for free. Use it for the summer to mix it up for your kids and volunteers, use it for VBS, or a family outreach. What you do get, is everything you need to run a 60/90/120 minute service for 9 weeks with your kids. Give it a chance I’m sure you will be glad you did.

Free Bible Lesson Joel: Book of Forgiveness


Joel – Book of Forgiveness
We must learn to Forgive!

Key Point – We must forgive!
Memory Verse – Matthew 6:15 “But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Skit – Kids pick on a boy – the boy getting picked on will not forgive. A group of kids make fun of a little boy and push him to the ground. The boy starts crying a Christian girl comes in and sees the boy crying. She asks why he explains that he is crying because kids were picking on him. The boy decides that he now hates them. The Christian girl explains that the boy must learn to forgive. The boy asks why. The girls says because in Matthew 6:15 it says that if you don’t forgive others God will not forgive you. Do you want God to forgive you? The boy says yes. The girl says then you must forgive the bullies. The boy and the girl bow their heads and pray. She explains we can forgive because we have been forgiven by  God. Walk off stage excited and ready to forgive.

Skit – Old man who learned to forgive and an old man who didn’t learn to forgive show the difference forgiveness makes. Two old men start talking one talks about how much he loves life the other one talks about how he hates everything. The old man who loves life explains how every morning and every evening he asks God to forgive him of things that he has done but also he forgives others. The old man who hates life says that he would never and has never forgiven anyone. The man who loves life explains that you must forgive or you will end up a bitter hateful old man. The hateful old man refuses to listen to him. Different people come up to each old man the difference is plain to see. A child comes up and says hi the nice old man says hi the mean old man simply grunts and turns away from the child, someone else comes and asks for directions etc…. The difference is plain to see. Have the MC come up and ask the kids which one was the one who had forgiven during his life. Explain to the kids that you become when you are old what you were your whole life. So we must forgive.

Object lesson –70 x 7 – how many times should we forgive have something represent 490 so kids can see how much they need to forgive each day. Have a bag of marshmallows to represent to the kids how many times we must forgive. Call a kid forward ask the kid how many times do they think they should forgive they will say a certain number, give them the amount of marshmallows equal to the number of times they feel that they should forgive someone. Have them put their marshmallows on the table then pull out 490 marshmallows and explain that Jesus wants us to forgive not just 7x not just 70x but 70 x 7. So we must forgive.

Object lesson – Forgiveness sets us free, handcuffs. Forgiveness is the key that opens our life and keeps us free. Explain that un-forgiveness puts us in chains it locks us up. As long as we chose not to forgive we stay bound in chains. The only key that unlocks our chains is forgiveness to forgive sets us free. We can forgive because we have been forgiven. So we must forgive.

Puppet – MC teaches a puppet how to forgive – MC explains how to forgive people. First ask God to help you second you tell them that you do forgive them and you give it to God you don’t keep hanging on to un-forgiveness. So we must forgive.

Small Group –

Key Point – We must forgive!
Memory Verse – Matthew 6:15 “But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

What is forgiveness
What happens to us when we don’t forgive?
Are we supposed to forgive all the time?
How many times are we supposed to forgive? Why?
What happens to us if we choose to forgive?
What is mercy?
Should we ask God to help us forgive?
What does forgiveness do? (sets us free)
Who does the Bible say that God forgives? (you and me)
Who can tell me the story in Matthew 18:21-30?
What did the king do for the servant?
What did the servant do to his servant?
What happened to the servant that did not forgive?
What is the lesson in this story?



Looking for Curriculum? Let Brian Dollar “HELP”

I met Brian Dollar a couple of years ago and was so impressed by his down to earthness and his transparency. You meet Brian and right away you feel like you have known him forever. I read his book “I blew It” where he shares some hilarious and insightful children’s ministry experiences. His passion for kids ministry and providing resources is apparent.

He asked me to let you know about some redesigned and recently updated materials he making available. The first of the redesigned curriculum is a series called “HELP”.