How to Evaluate Large Events

At our church, we have just completed two large events with a couple more staring us down. One of the things I try to do after each event is to evaluate the events effectiveness and my and my team’s competence. I realize that for each church this may look different, but I also realize that we sometimes need […]

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Camp Update Day 1

The first day of camp started with a torrential downpour. We have been blessed to have 14 consecutive years of sun. It rained and rained. We had our first dinner some kids were nervous other kids where excited and so between the two not much food was consumed which is a huge camp no-no because

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Summer Camp: Resources

This is the last post on camp. What resources do I need to pull off camp? Detailed Councilor schedule – I create a detailed councilor schedule for my councilors every year for a few reasons. 1. So that they feel comfortable and know what is going on at the camp and what is next on

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Summer Camp: What works.

Yesterday I talked about what doesn’t work for us today I am going to tell you what works for us. Now keep in mind these are the things that work for us. Some of them are universal some are unique to us. So eat the meat and spit out the bones. Consistency – We basically

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