How to Defend Your Pro-Life Position in 3 Minutes or Less

A few months ago I was in a Chipotle in New York City with my wife. We were doing our best to keep to ourselves and not make eye contact so as to fit in with the natives of New York City. As we were successfully avoiding eye contact there was a group of college students that were sitting next to me they started talking about abortion. What brought me into the conversation something I don’t typically do was the fact two of the three were self-professing Christians the third was Jewish.  They were discussing abortion and if it was ok, one of the Christians said that he could prove that abortion is ok from a biblical perspective.  I could hold back no further I joined the conversation uninvited because I had to speak for those who literally can’t speak for themselves. I found myself unintentionally using my friend Dr. Scott Klusendorf’s SLED defense. It is a powerful defense against those who argue that a baby is not a baby and just a collection of tissue.

Here is Dr. Klusendorf explaining his SLED method in less than three minutes. I beg you to carve a few minutes to inform yourself for the next conversation you may have with those contemplating having an abortion or those advocating that abortion is a viable option.

Today let’s stand with the Evangelical community as they are marching on Washington to pray, and bring awareness to life. It won’t get the coverage that the Pro-Abortion “Woman’s March” got but what matters is that we continue to fight for the life of babies that are taken daily in this country due to the gods of ignorance, convenience, and pleasure.

I know that many who read this are women who have had an abortion or men who have encouraged someone to get an abortion. I want to apologize that you were lied to or felt this was the only option. I want to apologize for any pro-life person who may have spoken to you with harshness.  I want you to know that there is forgiveness and healing for you. You are loved by God and forgiveness and healing can only be found in him.

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I have talked to many Christians who think abortion is bad but spend their time and energy fighting for black lives, sex slavery, and immigrants, all those are worthy causes and should be fought for. The harsh reality is that at no point in the life of a girl, a black person or immigrant are their lives more vulnerable than when they are an unborn child. We can and should fight for the marginalized in society but how we view the origins and the development of life affects how we see everything in life. All lives do not matter until the most vulnerable lives matter. This is something we must fight for, pray for and get involved with loving those affected and those who are still entrenched in the idea that life only begins outside of the uterus.

What can you do?

  1. Pray that God would forgive us.
  2. Find a local pregnancy center and donate your time and money
  3. Grow in your understanding to have grace-filled conversations online and offline.
  4. Consider personally adopting or doing foster care.
  5. Help bring awareness to foster care and adoption

Lastly here is a video of our church made for Sanctity of Life Sunday. It is about 30 minutes but is very well made and definitely worth your time. One parting thought is that we serve a God who redeems. You have never wandered too far that he can’t reach you.

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