3 Things Every Kids Pastor Wants Their Youth Pastor to Know


One of the things I have always been blessed is youth pastors who really get the value of kids ministry. The more I talk with kids pastors from around the country I have come to find out that is far from the norm. I have heard stories that would make you laugh to stories that would make you cry and everything in between.

The past 10 years the word that has dominated in kids and youth ministry culture is “family ministry.” A family pastor is something that never existed in title although it did in function in a few churches. I believe the drive and passion for family ministry have had a powerful effect on the focus of churches when it comes to next Generation ministry. The beautiful side benefit of this drive has been a much-needed closing of the relational gap between youth pastors and kids pastors. It is by no means complete but is far closer today than it was even 8 years ago.

That being said here are 3 things I think every kid’s pastor wants their youth pastor to know.

1. The success of my ministry is determined by the health of yours. – One of the biggest mistakes any church can make is creating ministry silos. Ministry happens best in healthy, highly relational environments. Too many kids, pastors try to keep kids longer than they should to many youth pastors try to attract kids sooner than they should. If the goal of our environments is solely numbers you will manipulate people and figures to get what you want. If the ultimate goal is life change and gospel proclamation you will care more about the health of the environment you are preparing the kids you are ministering to, for.

2. I want the same things as you – Rather than fight for cool points (a fight most kids pastors will lose to a youth pastor every time). How about sitting down sharing a cup of coffee and share with each other what your dream for your kid is. In most cases, you will find that you are both fighting for the same thing. If you both equally value the gospel you will celebrate and even learn from the differing methods to communicate and transfer that value to the kids and families you serve.

3. My job is just as hard as yours just in a different way – Being a kids pastor is hard. Being a youth pastor is hard. They are both hard in a different way. The children’s pastor must ground children biblically. They must do so at multiple age levels at once, as a result, learn to manage multiple environments and multiple groups of volunteers. Kids pastors have to balance safety, fun, security and gospel clarity. Kids pastors understand that the issues youth pastors face are very serious but youth pastors need to understand that to a kid losing a pet is a serious of a loss as to losing a girlfriend or boyfriend is to a 15-year-old. Preparing to speak to teenagers every week is difficult but so is preparing 4-20 people to speak each week.

What would you tell the next generation of Church leaders?

Yesterday I blogged about having a platform before you have a message and the dangers associated with that. Well here is someone who has spent his life crafting a message. I have an enormous amount of respect for John Piper here is one of the powerful messages that God has allowed him to share with the church.

What would you tell the next generation of church leaders?


When God gives you influence what are you going to say?


I believe everyone has influence to some degree or another. Here is another thing I have been thinking about. It’s very easy in the social media age we live in to have a platform before you have a message.

Here is my question: What are you going to say when people are listening. When God gives you influence how are you going to leverage that influence and what are you going to say?

Every person has influence. You have influence for a reason. You must use that influence I believe to say something of substance.

Social media has done some amazing things. It has allowed for a small world to become even smaller. I believe that social media has allowed some new voices to be heard and has given greater reach to established voices. Before the social media age your platform was created through creating something that is tangible, a book or a ministry. Because of the reach of social media that is no longer the case.

One of the things that we must be careful of is gaining a platform before we have something to say.

Here is how you leverage social media to make sure that happens.

  1.  Listen more than you talk.
  2. Connect with thought leaders who have actually created something
  3. If you are new to the ministry area you are a part of ask lots of questions
  4. Seek God more than the approval of others. 

Why you need volunteers, why they need you. CPC 2013 Breakout #2

Many of you may have come with questions 

What do I need to do to get more volunteers?

What are some sure fire tried and true methods for keeping volunteers for the long term

How do I get volunteers to come to my training meetings


We all start in the wrong place sunday comes every week so we need to get things done so we are consumed by what and how that we neglect the most important question that is found deep within the minds of our volunteers. Why?

“People don’t by what you do they buy why you do it” Simon Sinek”

Most people start with what how then why amazing companies start with why then how than what.


Why are you doing what you are doing? 

If you can’t answer that for yourself you won’t be able to communicate that to your team.

Why do you need Volunteers?

  • To release gifts
  • To grow the church
  • To Trust Christ more than yourself.

Why they need you?

– We need to not just grow our volunteers wide we must grow them deep. 

  • To grow them spiritually
  • To pour into them relationally
  • To thank them incessantly

When you go home this week – 

How to focus on the why.

1. Be a better story finder and story teller –

2. Repeat the good – fix the bad (bad stories are funnier and travel faster but they KILL the why)

3. Say it, write it, chant it mime it

4. Pray and seek God for your why moment – don’t make up a why

5. Talk to your pastor find out his why.

6. The why should evoke emotions, in you and in them –  we avoid emotionalism but we need emotions because emotions are the containers that hold truth in a way that it can accessed in the future.

*VIDEO – “The best Job is the hardest job” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NScs_qX2Okk

Whatever your why is. It MUST be found in the WHO and the who is Christ. Whatever you do never forget to bring what you do back to Jesus because if you leave this conference thinking you are going to try harder to be a better leader you will fail. Whatever your why is it will not be accomplished by you trying harder but by you trusting deeper.