Review of Shout Praises Kids Curriculum

* Disclaimer: The people at Integrity music provided me a copy of SPK Curriculum: My Savior Lives. I appreciate their generosity also they sponsor my blog if you can please click on one of the links in my sponsor section and check out the great music and resources they provide.

How it’s different: What Integrity does with their SPK curriculum is they take the worship songs that you and I sing and use those songs to teach the lessons. There is a preset worship set that each week they take a worship song and that song is the bottom line for the day. It is a very unique approach to say the least. I don’t know if I have ever seen a curriculum company so closely connect the worship music with the lesson being taught. The only people who would come close to doing this is Hillsong and even then the connection is not as strong between the two.

What they include with their 13 week curriculum

  • 13 Weekly Lessons
  • 3 Song Worship Set
  • Interactive Activity
  • Bible Study
  • Scripture Memory Verse
  • One Page Lesson Outline
  • Take Home “SPK Challenge” Handouts for Kids
  • 6 SPK Worship Songs
  • Full Stereo Audio (with vocals)
  • Split Trax Audio
  • Sheet Music
  • PDF Format
  • Piano/Vocal/Guitar
  • Lyric Text FilesWhat I liked: I really liked how they tied the lesson and music together. I am a strong believer that we don’t use music to it’s full potential in Kid’s ministry. I liked how it was very simple, straight forward and easy to use. I didn’t use it in a class setting but my leaders would have no problem it we did.What I didn’t like: Our church services go about one and a half hours. In my opinion these lessons would not have enough stuff for us. They appear to have created their lessons with a one hour service in mind.Overall – I think if you have a one hour service this may be a very attractive option for you. One of the things that I would use it for would be for a Wednesday night service or even as an option to lengthen the service. I have heard a lot of people on twitter asking about what they can do to lengthen the curriculum that they use on Sunday.  One of the first things that came to my mind was how you could use this curriculum in conjunction with your worship set, you could add some teaching around the worship set. The best thing about SPK Curriculum is the connection to the worship songs many of which we already sing, and the flexibility of the lessons. If you are looking for a one hour service curriculum or something to lengthen what you already have you should definately give this curriculum a try.
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