About My Readers.

The results are in.  I invited you to participate in the my blog readership survey.  Based on the responses, here’s what I know about you:

You are either a man or a woman – I know that may come as a shock but according to my survey 51% of you are Male 49% are Female.

You make me feel old – Most of you are 25-34 48% of you in fact. While 25% of you are old like me.

You are married – 75% are married.

You have no idea what a wombat is – 89% of you are from the US only 4% of you are from Australia.

You are a holy roller – 100% of you attend church more than 2 weeks a month.

You are a from a Non-Denominational 41% or Baptist Church 22%

You are not from a Mega Church – 82% of  you are from churches that have less than 2000 people in attendance.

You work at a church- 77% of you work at a church 90% work with kids.

You are smarter than me, no doubt – 89% of you have graduated from college.

You do well for yourself – 50% of you make 50,000 – 100,000 a year.

What you want more of – Top two categories are Leadership and Kid’s Ministry 101 the next two categories are Tech stuff and Stuff Kids Pastor’s like.

How on earth did you ever find me? – 31% of you found me through twitter and 25% Link from another site. None of you thought you were going to Childrensministryonline.com so that’s a good thing.

Upping the ante

Jim Wideman just offered to up the ante. I was doing a huge give away Jim Wideman offered to give a year subscription to the club and his Think 7 series. So if you want to be entered check out this blog post telling you how. I will be picking a winner at 7pm EST Friday.

This is classic Jim Wideman. I have had the pleasure of being apart of his Infuse mentoring program. One of the things I love about Brother Jim is that he cares far more about people and helping people than he does about being a big shot. At our last retreat a few weeks ago Jim shared about his passion for the church and his passion for people actually doing what the bible says. I was challenged and moved. I really believe that God has elevated Jim because of his humility. When you serve others God elevates you and God gets the glory.

If you want to up the ante in your own life and own ministry be apart of Infuse 4 or attend one of his daytrips. My life has forever been change from the wisdom and the friendship Jim has shown to me.

#fail: Not functioning under authority.

The next mistake I made was when I was a volunteer working for a large church on the East Coast. I was a freshman in college. My family served in kids church almost every week and from time to time my dad would be out of town and I would be in charge for that particular Sunday.

Everything would be fine except to get the supplies I needed I would have to track down someone to open this one closet for me. My dad had a key to it and he would take his keys with him and this would frustrate me to no end. Sooooo one time when he was out of town he left me his keys which had the key to the supply closet. I thought to myself you know if I make a copy of this key I’ll never need his keys again. I think a snake said this to me but can’t verify that. So I took my dad’s key to Home Depot (You can do it we can help) and made a copy and didn’t tell him, it was only a closet key.

What I didn’t know is that key was a master key to the whole campus. The parsonage, the college, the house key to many of the professor’s homes. Somehow to this day I still don’t know one of the guys in my dorm figured out that I had a master key and he stole it from me and made a copy of my copy. The only difference was he used his copy to steal some AV equipment from the church. When asked how he gained entrance he said I gave him a key. Needless to say I was shocked and had a lot of explaining to do to some very, very angry administrative types. They nearly had to re-key over 3,000 doors all because of one key to one little closet.

I learned a very valuable lesson. When you take authority that isn’t yours or you assume a level of authority you shouldn’t bad things happen. To be part of a team you need to know how to function at the level of authority God has given you and be ok with that.

One of the best books I have read on authority is The Tale Of Three Kings. If you haven’t read it, it is a must read for every Christian.